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Monthly Archives: September 2014

21 Sep 2014

Deep in the night.

Bryggen, Bergen deep in the night.

Bryggen Bergen

19 Sep 2014

Somewhere in Bergen

Somewhere in Bergen….. this time in Gamlehaugen.


18 Sep 2014

Fire light.

Amazing weather is still with us. The next shot in sunset light. Olsvik, Bergen.

Olsvik Bergen

17 Sep 2014

In the last light.

I like the sunset light. Warm, full of color and so nice. One of my shot in the golden hours – this time from Olsvik.

Bergen Olsvik

16 Sep 2014

Amazing time.

The summer is back. Amazing sun everyday, amazing autumn around. Golden time.

Bergen`s autumn

15 Sep 2014

Morning light.

Today`s quiet autumn morning light taken in Alvøen.


14 Sep 2014

Amazing Bergen`s sunsets

Amazing Bergen`s sunsets on short slideshow. If You like the short movie, please subscribe my channel.

14 Sep 2014

Light and shadow.

Osterøy, Hosanger in the morning autumn light.


12 Sep 2014


One more time, not the last one. Gamlehaugen. The most picturesque park in Bergen.


11 Sep 2014