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Monthly Archives: December 2014

31 Dec 2014
30 Dec 2014

In the rain

+5 and rain. Crazy weather.


30 Dec 2014

Slideshow – Best of 2014

Some of You ask me to make a slideshow with my best shots – here it is.

29 Dec 2014


Nice winter shot from Godvik. Bad weather today, +4 and rain.

28 Dec 2014


Winter on Godvik.

27 Dec 2014

Perfect winter morning.

This was a very cold morning, but worth to take a photo walk.

27 Dec 2014

27.12 sunrise

Frosty, white and beauty morning in Bergen

26 Dec 2014

Real winter.

At the end snow is in Bergen. We have a real winter.
In Selvik:

And on the Fjord:

26 Dec 2014

Dangerous idyll.

So many snow in Bergen last night. Motorways are closed. 

25 Dec 2014

Beautiful weather

First day since the last month, beautiful, sunny and cold.