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Monthly Archives: December 2014

15 Dec 2014

Sky watching.

Bergen under the snow storm. Beauty and white. This is the sky between two waves of snow.

14 Dec 2014

Christmas lights on Bryggen

Night walk in Bergen. Only the lights remind about the Christmas time. The weather is crazy. 

Bergen Bryggen

13 Dec 2014
12 Dec 2014

Another window

It is just another Bergen window. From Korskirke. The weather is still bad. I wait for the better time to take some new pictures.

Korskirke Bergen

11 Dec 2014

Summer in Bergen.

Is dark, is cold, and falling the frozen rain. Storms around. I want present something hot. This was last summer in Bergen.

10 Dec 2014

A moment.

Just a moment between the storms. For the rest of this week, Bergen will be covered by storms.

09 Dec 2014

Piece of Sotra.

Outside is so bad. The first, from few, storm is already in Bergen. Better is to stay in worm house. On today`s picture is another one part of amazing Sotra landscape. I love Sotra.


08 Dec 2014


Is cold, and rainy in Bergen. Something from my archive. Grieghallen in the sunny day.

Grieghallen Bergen

07 Dec 2014

Somewhere in Bergen.

Next old doors in my collection. Somewhere in Bergen.

06 Dec 2014

First snow.

Today, the mountains around Bergen became white. I climb 300 meters to check is the real snow. Yes, it is.