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Monthly Archives: January 2015

21 Jan 2015

Sunset light effect

From today`s sunset photo walk. Amazing effect.

20 Jan 2015

The End of the Day

Yesterdays evening walk. The End of the Day.


19 Jan 2015


Shelter, a deep in the forest. From some walk cross Godvik.

18 Jan 2015


After few rainy days, again is the snow in mountain. Looks nice.


17 Jan 2015

Playing with picture.

A few new (free) software to playing with the different effect. I like it.

17 Jan 2015

Rain drops

The next cloudy and rainy day this winter.

16 Jan 2015


The picture taken from Askøy, some sunny day in june 2014. Photo archive.

15 Jan 2015


Summer reminder. From the walk cross the mountains around Bergen. Tarlebøvatnet. Photo archive.

14 Jan 2015

Again, yesterday`s sunset.

Because i take a lot of photography yesterday, I want to public little more. Spectacular light over the Liåtarnet.
Three more photos below:

13 Jan 2015


Afternoon in Bergen with the amazing sky.