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Monthly Archives: February 2015

18 Feb 2015

Sea stones

Some impression from the last trip to Vaksdal. The old stones in quiet blue water. 

17 Feb 2015

Castle scenery?

One more from Vaksdal. This is probably the old mill factory.


16 Feb 2015

The mist

From saturday`s trip to Voss. Mist over the frozen Vangsvatnet in Voss.


15 Feb 2015


Nice place to live. Vaksdal one more time.


14 Feb 2015

Vaksdal today

Incredible weather, incredible view. Enjoy it.

13 Feb 2015


One quiet evening, few days ago.


12 Feb 2015

When the night comes

Another one picture from the trip to Indre Arna.

11 Feb 2015

By night

Some evening trip to Indre Arna. Picture taken from the road between Indre Arna and Ytre Arna.

10 Feb 2015


It was just a moment today on morning.

09 Feb 2015

Nice house

Nice, but abandoned house in Sælen. So sad to see houses like this.