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Monthly Archives: February 2015

08 Feb 2015


Bergen today. Fog, snow, rain……. Nothing to do outside.

07 Feb 2015

Somewhere in Bergen

I did not have much time, but the one abandoned house i Sælen attracted me. I take a short walk and I found this one too. I think is beauty?

06 Feb 2015

Before the sunrise

Just aminute before the sun rise. Another one winter sunrise.

05 Feb 2015

Morning mood

Just a winter sunrise. In Bergen. 

04 Feb 2015


Bergen under the snow cover. Nice sunny weather and amazing snow cover.

Bergen in winter

03 Feb 2015

Winter in Bergen

Better late like never, on the way to Gravdal.

02 Feb 2015

Bergen`s winter scenery.

Another one picture from yesterday`s walk to Gravdal.

01 Feb 2015

Nice winter day

Little frost, and beauty sunny day today in Bergen. 

Ulrike, Bergen