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Monthly Archives: March 2015

11 Mar 2015
10 Mar 2015


It was just a break in the shopping in Laguna.

Bergen, Skjold


09 Mar 2015

Water, rocks and sky – Telavåg

That was not so short trip to Telavåg, and because the weather is “prespring”, i will present the pictures along this week.


08 Mar 2015

Partially sunny

Picture taken from Bønes in friday.

07 Mar 2015

Gold clouds

Because the weather is still so bad, so bad, so bad……….

06 Mar 2015

Bergen windows

Another one from the collection of Bergen windows.

05 Mar 2015

Some shot

Just some shot with my new camera. I bought the camera one week ago, and still is rainy and so bad weather. Only one day in the way to my job I had a possibility to used it. Ytre Arna.

Ytre Arna

04 Mar 2015

Just the sky

The sky is amazing, probably everywhere, but in Bergen (and Norway) the sky is so amazing, so beauty. And I am never bored to watch it. 

03 Mar 2015

Winter scenery….. again

After one sunny day, and hope for the spring – today the winter comes back …again.


02 Mar 2015

Sunny monday

Whole weekend was rainy. Bad, cold and rainy. Monday starts with little shower at morning, but now is sunny nice, little cold day.