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Monthly Archives: August 2015

30 Aug 2015

Blue water

From the walk around the Trolltunga area, Tyssedalen

29 Aug 2015
28 Aug 2015

Beautiful Tyssedal

Yes, it is. This is the beautiful view from the road to one of the most popular places in Norway

27 Aug 2015
26 Aug 2015


One of the most known view from Odda.

25 Aug 2015

Art on the wall

Still in Odda. The good idea to revitalizing the post industrial area. Art on the wall.

24 Aug 2015

Old chemical factory

The part of the old chemical factory in Odda.

23 Aug 2015

Post industrial

Some post industrial mood from the closed industrial area in Odda

23 Aug 2015

Early morning view

This is the first picture taken on the road to Odda. During the week i will present more nice pictures from Odda and Oddadalen.

21 Aug 2015

Fjord dream

Just some shot in evening time…