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Monthly Archives: September 2015

09 Sep 2015


It was just a fresh morning on Aurlandsfjorden

08 Sep 2015


First stop on the road. Small, so small village with ferry port. Lot of tourists, and horrible prices. Ferry to Flåm – one car, driver and passenger cost 1000 Kr (110 euro)

08 Sep 2015

Somewhere on E16

From the next long trip. Early morning somewhere on the road E16

07 Sep 2015

Wave in the sun

Toft. One of my best place to spend the time. Wave watching

07 Sep 2015

Bergen doors

Some doors from Bergen

04 Sep 2015

It is just another sunset

It is just another one sunset from yesterday. 

04 Sep 2015


Light and shadow. From the walk on Alvøen

02 Sep 2015

Somewhere in Alvøen

Back in Bergen. Waiting for the next trip. Something from Alvøen.

01 Sep 2015

Røldal church

At the end of this amazing trip, Røldal. This is area of winter sports but even in the summertime is nice. The Pilgrim Church in Røldal from 1250 year.

01 Sep 2015

Odda valley – Låtefossen

An incredible fantastic valley with lot of waterfalls. On the picture is the most popular one Låtefossen