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Monthly Archives: October 2015

31 Oct 2015

A piece of … Nesheim

Still the same trip. On the top. Small village named Nesheim. If I say beauty it will be lie, this is the paradise. The road is crazy and dangerous. Now I start the long travel between mountain, back to Dale. Beautiful Hardanger.



30 Oct 2015

Piece of sunlight. Around Evanger

This is what I like when I walk through the mountains. When the light play with the shadow. This is special for spring and fall, when the sun is low over the horizon. This was taken around Evanger on some nice and sunny trip.

Light and shadows

29 Oct 2015

Full moon on sunrise

I like this view, that was nice to discover the full moon in the sunrise sky. take a view

Full moon

28 Oct 2015

Nature calls

The next sunny nice day this fall. But I think it is also one of the last nice days, the rain time coming soon. This is the best time to enjoy some mountain trips. So much nice places waiting. This picture was taken a few days ago somewhere over Evanger, Hordaland. It was my first trip in this place, and I think I`ll be back here in spring. Nature calls.



Nature calls


27 Oct 2015

Fjord – Norway`s classic

Today, the classic view from Norway. Fjord. Fjords are everywhere in Norway.


26 Oct 2015

Odda church

Because it was nice and long trip, I still present more photos. Odda church.

Odda church

25 Oct 2015

Most known Odda view in fall colours

One of the most known Odda view in amazing fall colours. It was a pleasure to see it in natural view.

Odda view

24 Oct 2015

Afternoon in Odda valley

The shadow coming quickly in afternoon time. The last few sun rays.

Odda valley

23 Oct 2015


That was an amazing autumn trip to Odda, everything was perfect. The sun, the light and the weather. From this year it will be one oft the most popular direction for weekend trips. Odda dalen means Odda valley and it is the famous valley of waterfalls.  

Odda valley

22 Oct 2015

Early morning in Hordaland

First sun rays. The early morning break on the road somewhere in Hordaland. This time when everything stay calm.

Early morning in Hordaland