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Monthly Archives: November 2015

30 Nov 2015

Bergen paintings

Bergen paintings, My Bergen

So, it looks like You like the works I made from my pictures, I am so glad…

I think I will made a series of posts under the name Bergen Paintings. Not everyone picture looks nice with this, but some are really great. Take a look on this. It is a old picture, probably from 2013. Some hot afternoon in Bergen. Do You like it? Give me please some feedback.

Bergen paintings

29 Nov 2015

My Bergen

My Bergen

Like I wrote it, I will try to show some painting made from pictures. There is a many different software to do it.

My is some commercial one, and I am so glad with it. Soon I will present more paintings and I will write something about this software. Have a nice day.

My Bergen

29 Nov 2015

Celebrartion of light 2015

Celebration of Light 2015

I was try so hard but from hundred picture just few is enough good to show.

This is one of this. Celebration of light 2015 Bergen

Celebration of Light 2015

28 Nov 2015

Majestic Lyderhorn

Majestic Lyderhorn in some summer day.

Summer, nice time to make photography. Because the air is clean, the light is so beautiful here in Norway.

This is picture taken on some short evening trip around my place. This is the Lyderhorn mountain visible from some small island Bjorøyna. Long distance, but it present the mountain with landscape around. I personaly like this picture. Have a nice day.


27 Nov 2015

Is this minimal art?

Is this minimal art photography?

I am not sure, but it looks similar. Is it?

Photo taken in Kingdom of Rock and Water, SOTRA

Big greeting to all, have a nice weekend and be with me always.

Minimal art?

26 Nov 2015

Dark days

Dark Days, the most difficult time in whole year

Is dark, wet and cold outside. No way to go out and take some pictures. Of course, I know, this is also nice tome  for some. I also like the Dark Days. Watching the winter sky it is a big pleasure.

It is only so difficult to take a long walk with the camera. My camera, and I, we are not waterproof…..

This is some shot from Sotra, just to show You all, what kind of weather we have now.



25 Nov 2015

Long light

In this time of the year the light is long

The sun is far away. Days are short, and the rays of the sun are long. This is specific time when You live between the mountains.

Some north mountainsides have not a light at all. On the picture is example, like looks the beautiful Flåm harbour in this time. When You compare it with relative picture from summertime, you will see the difference. The picture was taken around 2 pm. It is mean the long light.

Long light

24 Nov 2015

Winter in Aurland

Winter in Aurland

This is the view from Stegastein. Winter in Aurland is spectacular, same like the wide view from Stegastein. So I do not have enough lenses to show You it, You have to believe me.

This is far trip from Bergen to drive there and back in one short winter day. 180 kilometres, and the dark coming around 3 pm, but it is worth to try it. The spectacular views all around in Aurland, compensates the effort. Have a nice trip.

Aurland winter

23 Nov 2015

Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark in Bergen

After visiting Stavanger, now the Noah’s Ark arrive to Bergen

Is open for visitors from today. Probably because it is the first floating museum in Europe, the price for adult person is 220 NOK. At this moment it is 24 Euro. So I think it is little bit to high price. What You think about it?

The Ark

22 Nov 2015

Stegastein in winter mood

Stegastein in winter.

I like this view point. My first visit here was in summer time.

It is different now, the majesty of mountains under the snow. I was little scary about the road up, but it was black and dry. Not so dangerous. Tomorrow I will present the wide view from Stegastein.