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Monthly Archives: November 2015

21 Nov 2015

Winter is coming

Today first snow in Gudvangen

Nice day, but cold. The first snow is already here. It was a nice trip again to Aurland to enjoy the first winter tide.

Winter in Gudvangen


20 Nov 2015


In many places in Hordaland we can find places like this.

Close to everyone have a second small home for weekend relax.

The cottages are so different. Sometimes is only the wood cottage, sometimes it is a second big house. Someone like spend the time in one place, even if there a many walking path, it could be bored. I do not like. I can not imagine my life without the trips to many different places.


19 Nov 2015

Image from bad tale

Image from bad tale.

Playing with my new texture software. Now when is dark and rainy outside, I have a lot of time. And because I like the bad and dark tales, I create this dark image. Some from You may know and remember the original picture, and if you want to share Your opinion please write me something. Do You like it? What do You think about it?


Dark tale

18 Nov 2015

Little stone

Like I wrote it before, the Gudvangen area is like a piece of Heaven.

This is another one photography from Bakka. Everywhere in Norway laying the stones, sometimes small, sometimes really big. Remains of the Ice Age. This is rather small, but nice with the tree on top.

Bakka stone


17 Nov 2015

My Hardanger

Fjord and nature is beautiful in every season, but I prefer it in fall. I love rainy days in mountains.I love the mists after rain, it looks like the mountains breathe. I love Hardanger. Misty amazing Hardanger.


16 Nov 2015


Because the Gudvangen Tunnel was closed, I was try to enjoy maximum from this trip. This was only one way to do it. A few kilometres ahead between the meadows and some animals walking through the road, to Bakka. Small, verey small village at the end of the road. This is Bakka. But the view – amazing. This is the Heritage Nærøfjorden. A piece of the most beautiful landscape.


15 Nov 2015

Misty Gudvangen

Like I think now, watching the pictures from summertime, this is one of the most beautiful valley I know. This was my first visit outside Hordaland. And it was the end of this trip, because the Gudvangen Tunnel was closed due the fire inside. Magical place in the morning mists.


14 Nov 2015

The sky is low on Sotra

The sky is low on Sotra today. The place I love, Golta. Many kilometres of pure stones, the sky and the ocean. And the Wind of course. Lovely place. Do You like it too ?

Sotra stones

13 Nov 2015

Evening in Bergen

I love the early fall evenings in Bergen. Some magical moments with sunsets, or just the grey light. Mood.

Evening in Bergen

12 Nov 2015

Something in Bergen

Like every year before Christmas, some wooden construction comes to the city. This is what we have now. I do not know what to say, maybe you have some solutions….?

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