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Monthly Archives: November 2015

11 Nov 2015

Golden Mercury

40 meters over the Torgallmenningen, the main Bergen`s square, stay the 3,5 meter high sculpture of Mercury. This is the Sofus Madsen sculpture on the large store SUNDT designed by architect Per Grieg. This is the old, maybe oldest large store in Bergen from 1938. This picture was taken last evening from Festplassen. A few hundred meters. This highlighted sculpture looks nice on the dark sky in background. 

Golden Mercury

10 Nov 2015

Night dream from Bergen

From some walk, somewhere straight ahead. New part of Bergen. Little dreamy…

Night Dream

09 Nov 2015

Heritage city Bergen

An evening in the city. Some shot from Heritage City Bergen. Bryggen Bergen. I love the place where I live.

Heritage Bergen

08 Nov 2015

Colours of the fall

Some shot from Bergen. This is combined the natural maple fall colours and the sunset light. 



07 Nov 2015

Liatårnet today

From today`s short walk to Liatårnet. Cloudy and cold wind from the ocean. But like many, many people in Norway, I just can not live without everyday dose of movement on the fresh air…..


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07 Nov 2015

Live in Norway

Live in Norway. I wish myself to live in place like this. Dreams…

Live In Norway

06 Nov 2015

Waterfall in the shadow

Just a few meters from the place presented yesterday, and new surprise. Beautiful covered by shadow small waterfall. Flatkvålfosen. I even did not know the small waterfalls like this have a names. But this one have it.

Waterfall in the shadow

05 Nov 2015

Sun again in Eksingedalen

The mountains are lower for a moment and I see the sun again. One more nice place from Eksingedalen. One of that place worth to build the house near and watch it every single day.

Sun Again Eksingedalen

04 Nov 2015

Underwater grass, Eksingedalen

Still in Eksingedalen. I was so surprised when I saw this field of underwater grass. Quiet and nice place with smooth wide flowing water. 

Underwater grass field

03 Nov 2015


Driving ahead by the National Road 344, along the river Ekso (also known like Storelvi), this is Eksingedalen. Ekso river valley. It is not the end of attractions. Just a little nice view. Still far away to Dale. Beautiful Hordaland.