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Monthly Archives: December 2015

31 Dec 2015

Happy New Year

So, Our short vacation finished, now we are back in Bergen and we want to wish You all A Great Time in New Year.

New Year

28 Dec 2015

Everydaybergen team on the vacation

Everydaybergen team is on the vacation

Tomorrow I will write more about the vacation localization. Today is just another shot from Hordaland.

I hope everyone is OK, because we feel impressed in Our short vacation. Have a great day.

Indre Arna on winter morning

26 Dec 2015

Fjell in the sun

Fjell, Sotra, in today`s sun

After whole month with the strong rain, today we had a beautiful sunny day in Bergen. Little cold, even the frost on mourning. Picture from after Christmas walk to the top of Fjell Festning.

I hope everyone feel OK after the Christmas time, but still have a good time.

Fjell in the sun

25 Dec 2015

Testing new software

Christmas time, nothing to do, only the never ending food on the table. Time to testing the new toys.

Some example from today.

Merry Christmas to all of You

Gamlehaugen painting

24 Dec 2015
23 Dec 2015

Post industrial

Post industrial mood from Odda

There is some sad zone in Odda, I hope it will change soon in to the nice and useful places.

Have a nice evening

After life - the post industrial Odda

22 Dec 2015

From the way

Some shot from the way to Odda

The next bored and rainy day in Bergen. Dark, wet and warm. +10 on the winter beginning. Long time without any new pictures. Maybe the Christmas time will bring better weather, I hope. It is another one picture from archive. Just the picture like hundred others, nothing special, even the light is bad, but I have upload something and here it is.

On the road to Odda

20 Dec 2015


Little sketch from Hordaland.


19 Dec 2015


Evanger, beginning of the one nice trip.

Many times I have driven the road close to Evanger, and always I thought to stop here. One day, this summer I did it. From here start the little road through the valley and later goes up. If the beginning was nice, the road on the mountains was amazing. That was fall time, and so colourful around. The next villages covered by mountains, Nesheim and Eksingedalen gives me a many nice views and pictures. I presented whole this trip on many pictures in October. You may visit it again if You want. Today the beginning. Evanger.

Have a nice and warm Saturday, Greetings from Bergen.



18 Dec 2015


Gamlehaugen Bergen

Not so far from city centre is the nice and quiet place. Big park to walk and the Gamlehaugen. This is the official residence for Royal Family.

Have a nice day, in Bergen is still wet and warm