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Monthly Archives: December 2015

17 Dec 2015

Sunrise time

Sunrise time in Bergen

Too much nice places around, it is one of them. Godvik.


16 Dec 2015

Vikings long boat

Vikings long boat in Gudvangen

At the end of narrow Nærøyfjord, in small but nice town Gudvangen. The scenery around is like from dark ages. I was there few times, but of course I prefer the cloudy and dark days. In the sunny days it looks like another popular tourist place. When is cloudy and dark it looks like scenery to imagine the feelings and life of Vikings. The long boat is placed close to the haven and it is a part of small museum.

In the top of summer heat, it is a noisy place. Lot of tourists from whole world. In fall it became quiet place with restaurant open only when the ship arrive. In this time I like to sit dawn here and think about how hard was life in this place before civilization with dynamite came here.

Like You see on the picture, it was my best weather. Vikings Long Boat. Greetings from Gudvangen

Vikings long boat

15 Dec 2015

Snow is white

The snow is white,

Above 300 meters in mountain is a little bit of snow. In Bergen of course, because in whole Hordaland is much more.

And like every year the snow is white and remains about coming Christmas time. Every shops singing White Christmas ….

Have a nice time today, greetings from bergen


14 Dec 2015

December`s dark afternoon

December`s dark afternoon in Bergen

Yes, this is afternoon. Not early evening, but afternoon. This picture was taken on 5.20 pm

Greetings from dark Bergen

Dark afternoon

13 Dec 2015

Bergen is almost ready

Bergen is almost ready for the Christmas.

Decorations and lights everywhere around, all possible and impossible places are decorated. We are almost ready for the Christmas time, and we hope it will be White Christmas.

Have a nice time, all of You.


12 Dec 2015

Reflection from Odda Valley

Sunny day reflection from Odda Valley.

Every time when I plan new trip to Odda Valley, I am excited. This is an amazing place. The other name is The Valley Of 7 Waterfalls. Special time is of course in autumn, after few rainy days. The waterfalls are big and look little bit dangerous. The Power.

But there is not only the waterfalls. High mountains around and lazy water in between. Perfect combination to take a really nice pictures. Because the water in this place is not so deep, it is calm on the top. Sun, water, mountains and the reflection. Probably this winter time I will try to take a next trip. I have never been there in winter. Over the city Odda is, on the glacier is the Winter Sport centre. I have to visit it.

Weather was bit better today, but now comes the cold. Frosty.

Have a nice and warm evening.

Reflection from Odda Valley

11 Dec 2015

Neighbours on Sotra


This picture shows how complicated is sometimes the Norwegian terrain. To visit each other, they have to walk approximately 6 to 10 kilometres. Or just swim 50 meters. Funny. This is Fjord thumbnails on Sotra, Golta.

Have a nice weekend


10 Dec 2015

From here to the horizon. Sotra

From Here to the horizon. Kingdom of Stones, Sotra.

I love the kilometres of stones and puddles, because I like to stay lonely for some moments. Sotra is an ideal place to find myself. To be connected with my mind. To be separate from all media, social media, from everything. Just me, the wind, the rocks, the puddles and freedom. I like the stones, I like to watch on stones I know they are here for thousands years, always washed by the rain and ocean waves. Some sort of plant trying to live here, but at all it is the kingdom of stones. Lovely place for me.

Many of You knows, I love Sotra, and I trying to be there every time I can.

It looks like the weather will change for the next few days, even the snow may come. I will try to take some new pictures for You. Have nice evening.


09 Dec 2015


A modern castle

On my roads across Hordaland sometimes I see the things I do not have idea what they are.

This is one of them. It is not the residential building. I am sure. But what is it I do not know.

Even now I do not know really where it is. Just some picture from Hordaland. And it looks like some castle.

Bergen is still under the rain. Nothing to do, short days and the crazy dark afternoon in home.

Have a good and worm evening whenever You are.


08 Dec 2015

Summer in Norway

Summer in Norway, Andvik

Summer in Norway is beautiful, at all. I love the dark green colours, I love all the clouds,  and the friendly temperature. Just few kilometres away from the city is silent and amazingly nice. Even the few kilometres. Andvik, the small city far, far away. When I am inn, I think the time stopped. Lazy time spent on watching the small ferry runs through the fjord. This picture was taken from small bar terrace, ideal for lazy cap of coffee.

Do You also like the places outside the mainstream?

Enjoy and have a nice evening.

Andvik in summer