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Monthly Archives: December 2015

07 Dec 2015


In July I presented some pictures from the visit in Norges Fiskerimuseum, and because I have not new pictures at this moment, this is something else from this trip. From inside.

Outside is some collection of fishing boats. Nice. Some of them are under the reconstruction, and it is nice to see how they were built.

Inside, for me of course, is nothing to do. Just some places like on the picture. This is renovated warehouse room. So nice texture. I love the old wood on walls. Looks nice with the building outside the window.

Have a nice and warm evening, all of You. Thank You for visiting my blogg.


06 Dec 2015

Still strong weather

The weather is still bad.

Strong winds, rain and cold. The newspapers worn about weather and strong big water  in the rivers around.

No time to walk with the camera and I present some of my works. This is one from the city. My beauty Bergen in paintings mode.

I hope You will like it and enjoy it. Have nice and warm evening.

Bergen painting

05 Dec 2015

Fensfjorden little bay

Fensfjorden little bay, another visit inn

This picture was taken on my second visit through the Fensfjorden. Little nice bay. Ideal place to live. Little bit far away from civilization, but this is the price for live in quiet place.

Memories from July`s trip.


04 Dec 2015


Fensfjorden trip

It was a nice trip in July. Many times I drove the main road E39. But this one time I decide to turn to small road left. After few kilometres, when the full view open I was surprised. Absolute jawbreaker.

Fensfjorden is not the biggest, not the longest, but like always, there a many nice small places to stop and enjoy the view. One of them, small bay surrounded by the dark green mountains. And the small red house, which break the view, for me amazing place.

Enjoy the view with me and have a nice evening.


03 Dec 2015

Painting experimental

Because I was busy today, this is another one painting made from my picture. I like it.


02 Dec 2015

Forgotten picture from Modalen

Continuing forgotten pictures from past trips. Modalen

It was also in March. Like You see on the picture, there is still snow on the mountains around. It was not so cold, but even not so warm, just a early spring trip.

I like Modalen, I like the road to Modalen. The short and the long. This is very beautiful place to spend weekend. Many walking paths around, with nice view to three different waterfalls. NICE.

Have nice and warm evening.


01 Dec 2015


Beautiful Hordaland – Hesjedalsfossen

Weather is bad, is so bad. The last few days we have a bad time here in Bergen. Rain and hail, sometimes storm with thunder and lightning, and frost in night. Crazy. This is also bad time for photography, and I present photo from the last year trips.

This is from the longest trip to Modalen. The longest way through Dale, Stamneshella and Eidslandet. Long but very picturesque road. It was in March.

Have a nice and warm time.