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Monthly Archives: January 2016

31 Jan 2016

Snow storm

Whole day is a big snow storm with some break moments.

On the picture is another wave of the same storm front coming to us from the ocean. I hope the weather will change soon.Hurricane in Friday and snow storm today is enough, I think. I want spring, I want the sun….

Have a nice and warm evening, tomorrow is WRRRMonday

Snow storm

30 Jan 2016

Repetition plus…

Repetition plus

At the end I found how to add my own rain effect to the picture. Not the serial effect from some software, but my own. You can rate the final effect. What do You think?

something red 2

29 Jan 2016

Scandinavian scenery

Memories from last year – Scandinavian scenery

Nothing to do, hurricane time is boring time when I am save. Everybody around (radio, tv, press and many others) said not to go outside this evening and night. Weather is dangerous. So I am bored.

Have a good and save evening

Scandinavian scenery

28 Jan 2016

I am proud

I am very proud.

Today, after four years adventure with photography, I hold in my hands the first professional printings. My printings. Of course I purchased many time the fast printings in some photo labs, but this time there a real professional. Hahnemuehle Photo Matt Fibre paper which give my pictures a fantastic deep view. I am Proud.

I start to create a shop page on my blogg, I hope some of You may take a look. It is under construction now, but is already visible.

In Bergen we are wait for tomorrow`s hurricane, take care all and have a great evening

One of the printed image.

Morning mist


27 Jan 2016

Winter`s rest

Winter`s rest – Lyderhorn in amazing mood.

I like Lyderhorn and I hope You too. It is some shot from short winter time in Bergen. I present it and I hope the winter is finished definitely. Now coming hurricane with high temperature and strong winds.

Have a nice time.

Lyderhorn in winter mood

26 Jan 2016

Advertising troll

One of millions in Norway, advertising troll waiting for new season, new tourists

They are everywhere, where the tourist coming, one of the Norway icon. Sad to see them all after season in some corner…

Great evening to All.

Advertising troll

25 Jan 2016

Something red

Something red is coming to Bergen

Dark, cloudy but worm. It was nice to see something red and big. MS Stavangerfjord coming back to Bergen from Denmark

I hope You all have a nice evening with something red and dry…

Something red

24 Jan 2016

Morning gold light

Morning scenery with gold light photographed somewhere on Godvik

Winter is gone, warm and wet in Bergen. Snow disappeared yesterday

Have a nice and warm evening…

Morning Gold light

23 Jan 2016

Dot of the Sun

Some winter exercise. Dot of the Sun.

Little sunshine for everybody. Have a good evening.

Dot of the Sun

23 Jan 2016

Winter view on Liatårnet

Sotra highest mountain under snow. Liatårnet

I think all mountains looks best under the snow. Also this one. Liatårnet, view from Alvøen.

It`s looking like winter is finished now in Bergen. Rainy but warm. Have a nice day.

Liatårnet under snow.