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Monthly Archives: February 2016

29 Feb 2016


Like I wrote it yesterday, it was a fogy day here in Bergen area. Today the Fog

I have not so many experience shooting in fogy weather. The pictures looks nice and little fabulously, but it is not what I want. I try to do it something with them. Probably for the few next day You will see my probes. Some scenery with fog on the first picture, I think it looks quiet good. Do you think so….

Nice evening to everyone… see you tomorrow.

Fog in Bergen


28 Feb 2016

Looks cold

I know it looks cold, but it was not.

Last few days the frost (little) is only in the night time. During the day weather is beautiful. Today till the noon was so misty here around Godvik and Bergen. I have a lot pictures from today. On the picture, it is Modalen again. Yesterday was a closer, today is with more landscape. The reflection is beauty, do You think so.. ?

Have a nice evening

Modalen with reflections

27 Feb 2016


Incredible reflections in Modalen today.

The weather was enough good to start with the firs trip in this year. There is a lot of snow in the mountain, little bit in Bergen. The roads are clear and nice to drive. Modalen is closed for the winter time, and quiet. No way to climb the mountains, not now. But is nice to take some walk through the valley. View like from winter paradise. Calm and breathtaking reflections. This one view for the Modalen from the road.

Have a good weekend

Modalen reflection

26 Feb 2016


Herdla, the view from the bridge

Herdla, view from the bridge

25 Feb 2016

Hardangerfjord and clouds

Hardangerfjord and clouds. This is what I love most in this country.

I am never bored to watch the sky. I call it The Kingdom of Clouds.

Hardangerfjord under clouds

24 Feb 2016

Fensfjorden summer mood

From my archive – Fensfjorden summer mood

Crazy time in Bergen, after morning heavy wet snow, around noon coming heavy worm rain. The city was looking like big puddle. Now in evening coming frost. All season in one day. Brrrr. But in my archive I have a lot of nice pictures. One of them taken in summer 2015 on Fensfjorden.

Have a good and worm evening everywhere…


23 Feb 2016

Soon will be back

The beautiful summer on Sotra, I hope soon will be back.

When I see the snow through the window, and when I am bored with this kind of weather, I  am looking for positives in my picture archive. This is one of the picture which always give me hope. When I watch it, I can even imagine by myself all the feelings. Is worm, is nice, full of colours and Sotra all around. Is beautiful.

Have a good dream about summer… soon will be back

Summer on Sotra

22 Feb 2016

It is just some shot

Gamle Bergen in Summer, It is just some shot from the short walk.

Gamle Bergen

21 Feb 2016

Even the landscape

Even the landscape looks nice in some painting style.

What do You think…?

Painted landscape

20 Feb 2016

Pop art style

It is just a probe, but I will be happy to hear what You think about it… Here is Bergen in Pop Art

Pop Art