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Monthly Archives: March 2016

31 Mar 2016

Living on the edge

Living on the edge.

From some windy and cold day on Askøy

Living on the edge

30 Mar 2016

The object

The object.

Fast shot from today`s walk to Fjell Festning.

Fjell Festning

29 Mar 2016

Cold reflection

It was a sunny but cold day. And this is cold reflection.

Of course this is Sotra again. I wait for the hottest time to organize some long trips.

Have a good time…

Cold reflection from Sotra

28 Mar 2016

Love obligates

Yes, love obligates

Like you know, I am fall in love with Sotra. And where I could go to try my new lenses. This is a part of island Syltøyna, Sotra

Have a nice Monday

Syltøyna, Sotra

27 Mar 2016

Let`s go swimming

Let`s go swimming

Today`s bad weather shot from Askøy

Let`s go swimming

26 Mar 2016

House on rock

Typical Sotra view. I love this house on rock.

House on rock

25 Mar 2016

Bright sunny day on Sotra

From the strong rain on morning, to the bright sunny day in afternoon. Its looking like finally the spring will come even to Norway.

Of course that sunny day I spent on Sotra. Long time since I have been here. Picture taken from little island named Flatholmen.

Have a good Friday evening

Bright sunny day on Sotra

24 Mar 2016

Landscape sentinel

The Sotra landscape sentinel.

The Landscape Sentinel from Sotra

24 Mar 2016

Quiet scenery

Quiet scenery from Sotra.

Like you know Sotra is the place I love. There is many lovely and quiet places, and this is one of them. I still wait for spring weather to go on the road again and take some new awesome pictures. Outside is cold and little snowy…

Have a nice Easter time everywhere…

Quiet scenery from Sotra

22 Mar 2016

Red doors

Straight from Hjelmo. The red doors.

Another one picture from my asylum, Sotra. This is my quiet place where I can escape from everything.

Red doors in Hjelmo