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Monthly Archives: May 2016

30 May 2016

Herdla, Askøy

From last Sunday, Herdla, Askøy

One day without internet connection. and one busy day. It looks like I have a few posts catching up to do. It was an interesting day in Herdla, Askøy. This is not my first love and after they introduced the toll road, I do not visit it so many times. I prefer Sotra. But the weather was so nice I tried it. Worm and many people. It is another reason why I prefer Sotra. So, here it is + looks little like Hawaii, but is really Herdla.

Herdla, Askøy

28 May 2016

Painted Slottet

Painted Slottet. Because I like to play with my picture, and I like to showing it here, this is another one from Painted series.

I bought the software to play with the pictures and it is funny. It is not perfect software, but enough to do something. Many filters and presets is similar in few software’s, few is unique, but everyone soft cost minimum 100 dollars and is no way to have it all.

Painted Slottet

27 May 2016

Fjord cruise

Taken few days ago on Mofjorden. Fjord cruise.

Fjord cruise

26 May 2016

Different Bergen view

From Skansen, different Bergen view.

How you like Bergen from this view?

Different Bergen view, Skansen

25 May 2016


Herdlevær, small nice place and island on Sotra.

Herdlevær and Skogsøyna, two islands I love so much. Only few houses and kilometers of walking paths. View for the ocean and many small island. Good for nice and bad days both. I think this summer I will visit it more time, I hope. Is still many places to explore. The last trip I finished on the top of Skogsøytua, but I saw many nice places far around. So this is one picture from taken at the beginning of my last trip.


24 May 2016

Sotra landscape

Just a Sotra landscape.

This is the same red boat house from yesterday`s painting. Now in picture mode and with the landscape around. Picture taken in Glesvær.

Sotra landscape

23 May 2016

Painting for new week

I hope this week will be nice for everyone. And on the beginning this is my painting for new week.

Somewhere on Sotra, the red boat house.

Red boat house, Painting for new week

22 May 2016

Skogsøytua, Øygarden

This weekend #microadventure – Skogsøytua, Øygarden

Like almost every week I organized #microadventure trip. Because this is already my state of mind and I can not live without it. Even if the weather is not perfect. In Saturday was cloudy, windy and wet. Sotra is close to me and I love It. Many times I drove across looking for some new places to visit. Few times before I visited Hardlevær. After analyzing Google Maps, this time I decide to take a walk through the Skogsøytua, Øygarden. Looks interesting. The trip start through the gate to the pasture and in many places runs the wooden platform because is so many water. More than half part of the path is nothing interesting. But the last 2 kilometers before The Skogsøytua is feast for eyes. Combination of rocks and grass. Many small paddles between, some bigger around the top. This is not high top. It is only 49 meters, but it is exactly at the sea shore. From the top is amazing view on the hundreds of small island. Yes, hundreds of small rock pieces smashing the ocean waves. Much more beautiful and amazing view in windy day. So many possibilities to continue the walk through the rocks even a far to the sea. From start to the top of Skogsøytua it is only 2 and half kilometers. Easy level, for everyone. I met also family with small children. Distance from Bergen 43 kilometers. I think is worth to try it some day. Like all my visitors know, I love the lonely trips through the Sotra rocks, I love to watch the ocean and the sky over it. Always something interesting. And this is the reason why I recommend it like the weekend #microadventure. Because it is easy, it may be also possibility to take this walk with someone interesting and make a conversation.

Bench of the top Skogsøytua, Øygarden

Many helping wooden platform and stairs. Skogsøytua, Øygarden

Puddle around the top The view 1. Skogsøytua, Øygarden The view 2. Skogsøytua, Øygarden

21 May 2016

Strong flowers

All kind of plants have to be strong in Norway. I am always surprised when I discover the small strong flowers somewhere between the rocks on Sotra

Natural minimal art.

Strong flowers

20 May 2016

May in Bergen

Lovely month May in Bergen

Probably we all love May. Bergen looks pretty. This is also a beautiful natural decoration for the Norwegian National Day, 17th of May. This was taken few days before. Today and tomorrow we have a rainy but warm days.

Another one time it is the most photographed tree in Bergen. Almost everyone stop under it and taking a photo. Probably Instagram and some other sharing application are full of  this pictures. I love my City, and I love this tree. And You….?

May in Bergen