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I love Sotra landscape

If You still do not know why I love Sotra landscape…

Kilometers of rocks and small water reservoirs mixed with tongue of North Sea. And again, and again. Somewhere some boat houses, red white, yellow… Some of them completely rotten, some new. Forgotten boats and beautiful sailing boat. Unexpected small forests and naked rocks. Hills overgrown by heather with amazing view on a thousands of small rocks islands around.Typically Norway, yes I think so. And moreover someone like me, who like walking alone and watching to every whole and on every stone. This is me and My Sotra. I love Sotra landscape.

And of course my passion. My photography passion. One of my camera are always in the car. Whenever I go it is always with me. Because after every curve is something interesting to take the photo. The same when I am on Sotra. Sometimes it is so difficult walking with the camera through the rocks, jumping, climbing but the picture are the most important thing. Sometimes I do not believe, almost five years with the cameras in hand. I am so sure the next few will be similar.

Because is little rainy today, I spend whole day in home, thinking about why I love this country, this landscape, why I feel so good living here. At the end of the day the list is full of positives.

After few days I will start my dream journey to Lofoten. Long journey through almost whole Norway. And I think when I`ll be back, my list of reason why I love this place will be much longer. The whole journey will be discribed here on blog and in social media I used. I created the hashtag for it, so if you will want to know more go follow #lofoten2016

Have a nice evening everywhere You are Today

I love Sotra landscape

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A 50 years old hobby photographer based in Bergen, Hordaland, Norway. I just want to show You a little dreamy world of old boat houses, old red barns. Generally , the world a little bit on the side, little bit different, because I look on everything a little bit bit on the side. I use the old canon camera, and I never ever used PS.... One day i Will photograph the Quintessence of everything. I promise... This is me and my world. Welcome.

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