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#lofoten2016 – Lofotr Viking Museum

Lofotr Viking Museum  – #lofoten2016

In the village Borg on Lofoten is located Lofotr Viking Museum. The place where You may find reconstructed the Viking`s long house. Nice done museum with lot of attractions, including actors witch present the viking era craft. The Long house was including all everything was needed to live, especially to live in Arctic, where the winter night is so long and cold. Divided for a special places. Of course kitchen and dining part. The sleeping area. Place to perform every things needed to live and defense, warehouses for herbs, fishes, meat and all the rest. It is nice to see this logical construction. It was reconstruct from the long house discovered here from the years 500  to 950. Before visiting the long house, you may used the movie about the Viking era, but it is available only in 5 languages. After, when you take a walk approximately 1500 meters, you will see some additional attractions. Some experience at throwing ax or/and archery. And at the end some running on the Viking boat, of course you are like the oarsman’s. This is the place You have to visit necessarily. Lofotr Viking Museum

Below is some shots from it. The inside long house shots are made with the flash and looks not so perfect.

Lofotr Viking Museum

Lofotr Viking Museum Lofotr Viking Museum Lofotr Viking Museum Lofotr Viking Museum Lofotr Viking Museum Lofotr Viking Museum Lofotr Viking Museum

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