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#lofoten2016 – Sweden

#lofoten2016 – Sweden

After the Whale Safari in Andenes we start the road back to Bergen. The Whale Safari was a nice experience, but because I am only the amateur photographer with experience in landscape photography, the picture I taken are not good at all. So sorry.

30 kilometers before Narvik start the road to Sweden and in the last moment we decide to drive through this country. It is always nice to get the new experience and see something different. It was a little bored driving along Lapland and Laponia. Straight roads without speed limit, forest on both sides and nothing else. We passed Kiruna in the night time and we take direction to south. Still the same kind of landscape. This is the post glacier landscape with millions of lakes, small lakes, smaller lakes and puddles and this is the biggest problem. When we try to stop, take the break and cook something, in the same moment attacked us a legions of mosquito. We escape to car and drive away. Massacre. This is big and wild area, nice for fishing and other water sports. Green and quiet. But only for those who know how to defend against the mosquitoes. Later between the cities Jokkmokk and Arvidsjaur we met hundreds reindeer’s on the road. Walking through the road, along the road and around. So close to us. And it was so beauty. The locals are so angry when tourist like we, stop and watch the animals. For them it is normal view. Later around coming more civilization, more small and bigger villages and cities. Ostersund was the biggest. From there we take direction to back to Trondheim. Our journey approached to the end.

Below some pictures from the road through Sweden.

#lofoten2016 - Sweden #lofoten2016 - Sweden

Beauty Raindeer`s everywhere through the road.

#lofoten2016 - Sweden

Arvidsjaur, small nice city. Raindeer`s and moos wooden sculptures.

#lofoten2016 - Sweden

Polar Circle again, now in Sweden

#lofoten2016 - Sweden #lofoten2016 - Sweden #lofoten2016 - Sweden

Ostersund, beautiful weather at the end of our journey.

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A 50 years old hobby photographer based in Bergen, Hordaland, Norway. I just want to show You a little dreamy world of old boat houses, old red barns. Generally , the world a little bit on the side, little bit different, because I look on everything a little bit bit on the side. I use the old canon camera, and I never ever used PS.... One day i Will photograph the Quintessence of everything. I promise... This is me and my world. Welcome.

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  1. Those reindeer are a nice sight and the wooden sculptures are unique. Sounds like your trip was very rewarding.

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