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Leaving Geiranger

Leaving Geiranger is never easy

Geiranger fjord is beautiful, the view from view point is breathtaking. The color of the water is unbelievable. Yes it is. But for me the road down and the road up was the best experience in this place. Driving down from 1000 meters to the sea level was so nice. On every bend the view changing, mountains around grow up and step by step the fjord is closer. At the end You do not know from which point the view was best. It is always amazing. Down when you stay surrounded by the 1200 – 1300 meters mountains, close to the water and is so quietly, You may feel like in paradise. This is Geirangerfjord. So, at the end we have to go back. Driving up is easier and is time to watch around. I stopped 50 meter before I get the top. Place with view to whole valley. Enjoy it… Leaving Geiranger is never easy

Leaving Geiranger

View on whole valley

Leaving Geiranger

The top part of the road

Leaving Geiranger

Straight part of the road

Leaving Geiranger

Crazy cyclists close to the top.

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A 50 years old hobby photographer based in Bergen, Hordaland, Norway. I just want to show You a little dreamy world of old boat houses, old red barns. Generally , the world a little bit on the side, little bit different, because I look on everything a little bit bit on the side. I use the old canon camera, and I never ever used PS.... One day i Will photograph the Quintessence of everything. I promise... This is me and my world. Welcome.

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