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Preikestolen in the mist

Unbelievable, Preikestolen in the mist

When I climb up, short rain fell. It was on the last kilometer before the top. After the rain, because it was warm, came the mist. And I was so lucky to be on the top lonely for some moments. Amazing experience when I know, I am on 600 meters over fjord and I see nothing around. Preikestolen it is a vertical piece of rock with the square terrace on the top. It is 600 meters high with amazing view on the Lysefjord. With view, when the weather is OK. So I stay in the silence, in the mist waiting for the moment when the mist go away.

Preikestolen in the mist Preikestolen in the mist

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A 50 years old hobby photographer based in Bergen, Hordaland, Norway. I just want to show You a little dreamy world of old boat houses, old red barns. Generally , the world a little bit on the side, little bit different, because I look on everything a little bit bit on the side. I use the old canon camera, and I never ever used PS.... One day i Will photograph the Quintessence of everything. I promise... This is me and my world. Welcome.

3 thoughts on “Preikestolen in the mist”

  1. Wow, you sporty woman!
    I have mostly been there on days with no rain. This looks like the Trolls will pop out soon….
    Well done to you going up ( and down!) on a day like this.
    I went there in the autumn once, in the afternoon it suddenly got dark. Not fun to walk the last part. But we managed.

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