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Road to Eksingedalen

Road to Eksingedalen

Beautiful small, narrow road between Evanger and Nesheim. The first few kilometers leads through the deep valley along small river. The second part of this road leads up through the serpentine with many dangerous curves, most of them 180 degrees, crazy drive. On the top is view point where you may stop and watch the valley and the serpentine you drive. Nice view. It was a lot of morning fall fogs in the valley, amazing view. The third part of this roads leads through the top of the mountains and this is unforgettable ride. I do not know how it looks in other seasons. In winter time the road may be closed. I saw the barriers. In early fall time like now this is dangerous for the driver. Because the head are turning around, so many nice beauty, amazing rock formations around. All of them are covered by the moss and grass which are gold now. In little cloudy day, I wish myself to sit here for few hours and watch the shadow spectacle on the gold cover. I am not sure I get another chance this season, maybe the next one. After my second visit here, I am still think this is one of the most beautiful places around me. Worth to visit more often.

The picture below shows only the small part of the road, but you may imagine how it looks in reality. Road to Eksingedalen

Road to Eksingedalen

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