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Where mountains meet fjord.

This is one of the most amazing combination, where mountains meet fjord.

Easy to see everywhere in Norway, but always amazing. When I drive or walk, I love the moments when I finally reach the place where mountains meet fjord. Like everyone else who walking through the mountains I always know where I am. Because I am the visual nature and I always have a map in my head, I know where I am in every moments and I know what is around me. I know when I reach the point with the best view. And this is always amazing. The view is always unbelievable, like in this one place on picture. It was taken from some vie point on the road 13 with some old and closed restaurant. The point is located over Vikoy. The road along mountain on the right side, is still road 13 leads to Vangsnes and from there by the ferry to Balestrand. One of the point I have to visit in the next year. The fjord between this mountains is a Sognefjord. The biggest and longest fjord in Norway. And this is the point where mountains meet fjord

Where mountains meet fjord

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A 50 years old hobby photographer based in Bergen, Hordaland, Norway. I just want to show You a little dreamy world of old boat houses, old red barns. Generally , the world a little bit on the side, little bit different, because I look on everything a little bit bit on the side. I use the old canon camera, and I never ever used PS.... One day i Will photograph the Quintessence of everything. I promise... This is me and my world. Welcome.

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