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14 Nov 2016

Norwegian landscape

Everything around me, Norwegian landscape

Because I live in Norway, because I am here more than six years, and because I travelled a lot through this country – the view like on the picture below does not make an impression. This view or similar or some better is everywhere around. It is hard to believe for some who does not visit Norway yet, but it is true. 1100 fjords surrounded by millions of  mountains, and again, and again. Of course I love this country and this landscape. In my beginning I started my exploration from walks through and along Bergen. I remember my first walk up to mount Ulriken. And it was terrible experience. Times go by, and walked every single day to form my condition. Later I travelled close to the city, not so far. Now I am so crazy. I may drive whole day and at the end climb on selected mountain, walk down and drive back home. Only for see this one unique view and of course take a photo. I am not the one, almost whole Norwegians do the same way.  On my path I meet hundreds of nice people. And this is beautiful.

Now after many years here only the spectacular view and spectacular landscape make me impressed. My Google Maps is full of stars with saved places I want to visit. I want to go to this places because I saw it on pictures from other people. I know it is always the same drive, climb and drive back but I think I love it.

So this is simple Norwegian landscape taken somewhere in Hordaland. Somewhere on my road to nowhere, just for pleasure to drive and enjoying the view around me. Somewhere on my road to discover another attraction to photograph and shows here. Have a nice evening everywhere.

Norwegian landscape


13 Nov 2016

Favourite themes

Two favourite themes on one picture

Most of the photographers likes these motives. The tree and the light. Here is both on one picture, taken somewhere on my road along Hordaland. I even forgotten it. And I found it yesterday checking my archives. At the end of this grey, wet week I present some memories from autumn trip. I like this scene with the dark mountain on background and the tree with some piece of grass with the strong afternoon sunlight. It was taken on the trip around Masfjorden. I think I have visit this place again.  Maybe some day in spring or summer. I wait for the summer, because this summer season I will take another trip to the Northern Norway. The plan is to visit Senja and Tromso. You may imagine yourself, how I wait for it.

Two favourite themes on one.

Photographers favourite themes

12 Nov 2016

Beautiful Hordaland

This is the beautiful Hordaland.

Probably because I live here in Hordaland province, for me is the most beautiful place. Ha ha. I know many beautiful places in Norway, in the other provinces. All of them are nice and have some amazing, breathtaking places. Many people said, and many think, Hordaland is the best. Because it is the Gate to the Fjords. And it is true. And I love the beautiful Hordaland. For my weekend trips I have no time to explore the other provinces, Most of my trips is along Hordaland. When I start few years ago, I began from Bergen. Later I photographed the area around Bergen, close to the city. And Sotra, my big love. The last year I started exploring the distant places, even the Lofoten more than 5000 kilometres from Bergen.  And I always go back with pleasure to the Hordaland. And on the picture below one more time you may see why….

Beautiful Hordaland

12 Nov 2016

Somewhere in Hordaland

Picture from somewhere in Hordaland

Saturday is the good time to posts more than one post. For whole week I was so busy and I have some arrears. On my ways through the Hordaland I took thousands of photos. Only the best I post on blog, but when I look in to the archive later, I still see some nice pictures. Of course I know where it was taken and the folders are described, but I am not always  want to write again about this places. Then, the title “Somewhere” is OK. This was on the North part of Hordaland on some autumn trip. So this is, Somewhere in Hordaland.

Somewhere in Hordaland

11 Nov 2016

Sad news from morning

It was so sad news from morning. First information I saw….

If you are the dealer

I`m out of the game

If you are the healer

I`m broken and lame

If thine is the glory

Then mine must be the shame

You want it darker

We kill the flame

Hineni Hineni

I`m ready, my lord


In memory of Leonard Cohen

10 Nov 2016

Meat bazaar

From the series Bergen closer – meat bazaar.

Long time ago it was a meat bazaar. The building is placed in the heart of the city, close to Fish Market. It is so nice building mostly photographed from the front side. This is only one fully visible side with possibility to take the photo. Because the building is long is impossible to photograph it from the street without wide angle lenses. Even with good lenses is not enough distance to make all the line straight. I was trying it many times without satisfied results. So, now I try it different way. I tried to take photo closer and along. I like it, and I am curious what you think?

This week I post irregularly. This is so busy week. Even in the weekend time I will be busy. But today I am here, this is from the series Bergen closer – Meat bazaar from the flank.

Bergen closer - Meat bazaar

08 Nov 2016

Place I like. Villaveien

Place I like in Bergen. Villaveien

In Bergen is many places I like. Sometimes it is only small narrow street. Sometimes whole district. Some parks. Places. This is short street over the Nygårdsparken. The street have a name Villaveien because along it is few nice old villas. Probably it was a reach people district long time ago, I do not know. The houses are so nice and renovated. I was showing this houses few times, here on my blog. Even this one which I like a lot. Because is painted in black and white it reminds some ecclesiastic, sacred building. Always when I am walking on this street I wonder what was this house previously. Maybe someone who knows give some information. The buildings, villas around now belongs to the Bergen University. About this one I do not know, because when the rest was reconstructed and painted this one no. In some specific Bergen`s weather, with the dark cloudy sky it looks like taken out from horror movie. I like to be here in every time I can. The autumn season gives this place many nice colours, and it is nice, even cute scenery. So, this is the Villaveien with house I like. I hope you will like it too.

Another reason why I like walking along this place is because the tourists have no time to come here. So far from the market places.

Exactly at the gate to the park this street changing the name to Parkveien. This is short street on the other side of park with few nice small hotels.


06 Nov 2016

Yesterday around Modalen

From yesterday around Modalen short trip

I like Modalen. My trips always ended in this small village. Sometimes I drove the way to Dale, or from Dale to Mo. This time I tried to drive little bit far through the valley. And I discover many nice places to visit it again. I do not brought many pictures from that trip. The reason was weather. Of course I checked the weather report before I start, and it shows a little snow. I did not know that little snow means 10 to 20 cm of snow in some places in mountain and dark sky. It was crazy drive.  Mostly in car. So, before the next trip to this valley, I have wait for better weather. Probably til spring.

Below I present one picture to show you the mood. Yesterday around Modalen, in the snow under the dark sky.

Yesterday around Modalen

04 Nov 2016

Weather in Bergen

The Weather in Bergen is not always good.

I may say it is always bad. Only sometimes, like in October this year, we have had a beautiful month almost without any one drop of rain. Now is like always. Is wet, is dark and cold. Today on morning the mountain tops around Bergen was little bit white. It is not real snow, rather rain with some snowflakes, but the winter is on the road to us. I planed some trip for tomorrow and when I checked weather report for some parts of Hordaland it shows snow in the mountain. Brrrrr. Not good time for the hiking in mountains. Tires in my car already changed. So, I have a nice memories on my pictures. Like this one below. Bergen in the middle of October with fantastic autumn colours. Have a good Friday time whenever you are now, I hope you have a better weather with you

Weather in Bergen

03 Nov 2016

Open museum in autumn mood

Open museum in autumn mood, Damsgård

The museum is placed in bad place. Or maybe different. So close to the industrial zone in one side and the main road in other side. In the last year it was reconstructed. Few days ago, I had to be close this place, and because was so nice weather I take some walk around. Now it looks much better then year ago. Even the district around look better, I think people who lives close. like this place to walk. For other it does not exist. So far from the city, little bit covered with no place to park cars. Moreover, this is a big problem in Bergen. I think not only for Bergen. Is many nice places to visit along the city, but is no places to leave the cars.

So, this is now nice place to visit, Open museum in autumn mood. On the picture is only the part visible from the road, little bit inside is few nice reconstructed wood buildings, including the old shop and few more. In front is probably the old machine to draw out boats. Definitely worth to visit.

Open museum in autumn mood