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02 Nov 2016

Autumn window

From Paradis, autumn window

Photographed around month ago on Paradis, Bergen. Nice place to walk slowly between the old houses. because old houses always collaborate with old trees, this area looks nice in autumn. It is not often, some kind of plants on the walls here in Bergen. Everything because the weather. And the weather is strong. More than half year with rain. When the rains finished the wall have to dry so fast. But in some places I could find some garages or other small buildings looking like this. This is an old garage and outbuilding. Because i like the windows and doors, I always look for it. I hope you will like this window.

And this is my picture. Autumn window

Autumn window

Now I am busy. Too much work and additional things. This is the reason why I posted pictures from my archive. Today, like you may see on Instagram, was so nice foggy weather on morning. Lucky who had his camera during that time. I have not.. This is the link to some collage made by @turid_elisabeth

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Have a great time everywhere around the world. Greetings from beautiful Bergen


01 Nov 2016

Autumn in the park

This is autumn in the park. Nygårdspark Bergen

I wrote about this place few times before. I like it, and I am completely not glad with what I saw last time. At the top of the park hill, close to the Parkveien is some construction. I do not what is it. On the other side of park main road I saw some very old trees cut down. Sad view. I hope they made a place for new trees not for some buildings. This park looks like old, and I do not understand what is going on.

So, this is the picture taken on Sunday`s walk in some old path between the old beautiful trees. And I wish myself to find this place untouched on the next walk. Autumn in the park. Nygårdspark.

Autumn in the park