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Monthly Archives: February 2017

19 Feb 2017

Old stone dam

The old stone dam in Alvøen.

Another one picture from early morning walk in Alvøen. Like I wrote, I like this place. The old stone dam protect Alvøen Factory. I am not sure about all the function, but when I watch on the construction, it looks like it could have been also the small power station. It is partially integrated with the factory buildings. However, it looks nice in the morning light. It looks fine for me because I like the old stone constructions. During the summer time the small reservoir is out of water. Only now and in the wet fall there is a little bit water. Welcome in Alvøen.

Old stone dam

17 Feb 2017

Winter morning sun in Alvøen

Is just the winter morning sun in Alvøen.

The small Alvøen is just one of the place which I like. Probably because it looks like the place where time still stand. Too small and without any free place to build something new, I like the small old park around the old palace. I like the quiet marina. Small and nice. I like to be here. And this morning when I walked without any direction  I fount this view between the alley of old tree on the old building. Looks nice in the winter sun. What do you think? Winter morning sun in Alvøen.

Winter morning sun in Alvøen.

05 Feb 2017

Beautiful January

Yes, it was a beautiful January here in West Norway.

As long, as I am here in Norway, I do not remember that warm and nice “winter” time. Temperatures during January between 4 to 10 degrees. Not always rainy. Many nice bright days. Only the days are still short. Few days with beautiful fog but without time to take the photo. We had also short, two days long, winter. Those who like winter and snow is easy to to find it in the mountain. I hope for this kind of weather in February also. Below is photographed one beautiful January day. Picture taken few hundreds meters from my home. I love the fog in the valleys. Have a nice time everywhere.

Beautiful January