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Monthly Archives: August 2017

30 Aug 2017

Night on glacier

Incredible night on glacier.

Because the weather in Norway now, is similar to summer I was take some free days and small trip to Sognefjord area. Much more from my trip I will present later in the single posts from each places I visited. Today I want to present and describe my experience with another one glacier. After crossing the amazing Sognefjellet road I drove down the road 55 and finally stop in Gaupne. Early evening and nothing special to do, has caused me to look around. So, I found the road sign with direction to the Nigardsbreen glacier. Why not.

I reached it around 8.00 pm. Like you may see it on the picture below it was a sunset time. White rocks around, blue ice on glacier and the sunset. Sounds like a dream, and it was like a dream for me. Because I reached this place at this time, nobody was there. Any tourists and any handling crew. Completely alone I was take a long walk to the glacier and a little on the glacier. I know it is dangerous to be on a melting glacier, but it was a first possibility for me to be so close with millions years old ice. Nice to touch something that old. It was incredible night on glacier.

Like I read later there is few more glaciers around in this valley, and I save this place on my private map for to visit it again.

Morning time was incredible cold and wet. Whole valley was in the shadow and the river Jostedøla (which rolling the ice cold water from the glaciers around) keeps the temperature around 5 degrees. Later when the sun will rise is much better.

Night on glacier

21 Aug 2017

One day trip to Odda

Another one, one day trip to Odda.

Crazy summer. The second wettest summer in Norway. The rain starts in June, and during the summer was rainy almost everyday. Wet. So, sometimes the weather give us some break. And it was in this weekend. Almost whole day without rain. Nice day for the trip. One day trip to Odda. Odda valley, most know like the waterfall valley, was so crazy this time. The power of all the waterfalls gives the thrill. I like this small town. I like to watch all the people from whole world who came here and waiting for transport to the start point, to climb on Troltunga. Many different people and many different clothes. Easy to see the experienced travelers and completely amateurs without any equipment or even without enough good shoes. Crazy people.

This was lazy trip with many stops. The picture below was taken from one of the place I ever stop. Exactly on other side of this mountain is the city Odda. I love this view. And here is always quiet. Nice to eat some breakfast with the view like this. It taste better. I hope you will also like this nice view. I have pictures from here taken on every kind of weather, in every season. And the majesty mountain is always beautiful.

Some pictures from the waterfalls I will present later. Not everything is ready yet.

I wish myself the autumn season to be much better than the summer. A lot of place to visit. I have a lot of plans. The end of this week from Thursday I will spend partialy in Jotunheim National Park. Forecast is good, so I hope to bring back a lot of nice pictures for you.

One day trip to Odda


05 Aug 2017

Summer. Vacation

Wet summer in Norway, again

Last vacation I spent in Norway. It was fantastic time on Lofoten Islands. So this year I visited the West Europe.  Summer ride. Few countries, many cities and lot of attraction. Nothing so much original, but it was a nice time. 6150 kilometers plus ferry between Denmark and Norway. Almost two weeks. Unfortunately when I drove through the Orresund bridge, weather was so, so bad. I saw only the fog on both sides. After this one bad day, weather was nice and ideal for my ride. Through the whole Germany and some Benelux countries. It is always nice to visit some places again and watch the changes. Last time I was there almost 22 years ago.

Many nice memories from summer in Germany, including the amazing time in Bavaria. Because the touristic season is in full, many places I visited early in the morning. I love to watch the small places when they  wakes up. And I love to drink coffee with some local baking in almost empty cafe bars.

The most worst memories are from Amsterdam. I like this city, really. But twenty years ago it was not that crazy like I saw it this time. And first time I drove the car by myself through the city center in the evening rush time. Horrible. Next time probably in the next year I will try to stay away and use the public transport.

At the end, in Norway again, I cross the Hardangervidda National Park along the old road number 7. Unfortunately the weather was so bad again and I have not a pictures.


Picture taken in June on the Balestrad trip.