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Summer. Vacation

Wet summer in Norway, again

Last vacation I spent in Norway. It was fantastic time on Lofoten Islands. So this year I visited the West Europe.  Summer ride. Few countries, many cities and lot of attraction. Nothing so much original, but it was a nice time. 6150 kilometers plus ferry between Denmark and Norway. Almost two weeks. Unfortunately when I drove through the Orresund bridge, weather was so, so bad. I saw only the fog on both sides. After this one bad day, weather was nice and ideal for my ride. Through the whole Germany and some Benelux countries. It is always nice to visit some places again and watch the changes. Last time I was there almost 22 years ago.

Many nice memories from summer in Germany, including the amazing time in Bavaria. Because the touristic season is in full, many places I visited early in the morning. I love to watch the small places when they  wakes up. And I love to drink coffee with some local baking in almost empty cafe bars.

The most worst memories are from Amsterdam. I like this city, really. But twenty years ago it was not that crazy like I saw it this time. And first time I drove the car by myself through the city center in the evening rush time. Horrible. Next time probably in the next year I will try to stay away and use the public transport.

At the end, in Norway again, I cross the Hardangervidda National Park along the old road number 7. Unfortunately the weather was so bad again and I have not a pictures.


Picture taken in June on the Balestrad trip.

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