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Monthly Archives: December 2017

31 Dec 2017
Last trip 2017

Last trip 2017

It was my last trip 2017

Not so far, just 100 kilometers. Voss. Small nice placed town in Hordaland. But because it is hundred kilometers from the seaside the kind of weather is different. Much more snow than in Bergen. And of course the tree I like.

2017 is over now. I was not so active during this year, and I do not think it will change in 2018. I plan another visit in the North Norway. Destination Senja. And like always many small trips around.

In 2018 I wish myself to get more time for my photographic passion. I hope to sell some pictures.

For You all, my friend, I think You know better what do You want in the New Year, so I wish you all fulfillment of your dreams. See You in the New Year….


23 Dec 2017
God Jul

God Jul

God Jul

Long, long time, since I`ve been here last time. This is busy time for me. Many different things to do.

This time of year everyone send the wishes, so I have to write something also.

I wish you All to have a nice time this Christmas. Satisfaction with what you do, a lot of joy, hope and LOVE.

With all of this the next 2018 year will be easier for Us.

Thank you, and stay with me.