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09 Oct 2015

Autumn calls

We have fantastic autumn this year. It calls to take a long walks. Even the Bergen weather is friendly. Tomorrow I am going to Odda again, to try autumn in Hordaland high mountains.

Autumn calls

08 Oct 2015


Autumn. Quiet and colorful shot from Indre Arna.

Indre Arna

07 Oct 2015


Just one word: Hardangerfjord


06 Oct 2015

Looking through the Steinsdalsfossen

Looking on the Norheimsund through the waterfall Steinsdalsfossen.


05 Oct 2015
04 Oct 2015

Hardanger Maritime Museum

Hardanger Maritime Museum. This is the place where people love the old wood boats. And I love this place.

Hardanger Maritime Museum - Norheimsund

04 Oct 2015

Still In Norheimsund

After a little break, I am back with the new page. So welcome everybody to send the review. On the picture – just some sunny day in Norheimsund. Watching the Hardangerfjord


03 Oct 2015

This is the probe

This is only probe