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19 Feb 2017

Old stone dam

The old stone dam in Alvøen.

Another one picture from early morning walk in Alvøen. Like I wrote, I like this place. The old stone dam protect Alvøen Factory. I am not sure about all the function, but when I watch on the construction, it looks like it could have been also the small power station. It is partially integrated with the factory buildings. However, it looks nice in the morning light. It looks fine for me because I like the old stone constructions. During the summer time the small reservoir is out of water. Only now and in the wet fall there is a little bit water. Welcome in Alvøen.

Old stone dam

17 Feb 2017

Winter morning sun in Alvøen

Is just the winter morning sun in Alvøen.

The small Alvøen is just one of the place which I like. Probably because it looks like the place where time still stand. Too small and without any free place to build something new, I like the small old park around the old palace. I like the quiet marina. Small and nice. I like to be here. And this morning when I walked without any direction  I fount this view between the alley of old tree on the old building. Looks nice in the winter sun. What do you think? Winter morning sun in Alvøen.

Winter morning sun in Alvøen.

05 Feb 2017

Beautiful January

Yes, it was a beautiful January here in West Norway.

As long, as I am here in Norway, I do not remember that warm and nice “winter” time. Temperatures during January between 4 to 10 degrees. Not always rainy. Many nice bright days. Only the days are still short. Few days with beautiful fog but without time to take the photo. We had also short, two days long, winter. Those who like winter and snow is easy to to find it in the mountain. I hope for this kind of weather in February also. Below is photographed one beautiful January day. Picture taken few hundreds meters from my home. I love the fog in the valleys. Have a nice time everywhere.

Beautiful January

29 Jan 2017

Better watch out

Better watch out in the misty forest

On the top of Fløien, in the forest is some wood sculptures park. I do not know anything about the artist. Nice place which people like. Best playground for children. And also nice place to take some photos. This one sculpture is visible from the road. I do not have go inside, between the trees. Just shot. I like it, because it was walk in the misty and wet time and the forest looks beautiful in that time. Some day I will try to take more pictures in this place. For today just this one. I hope you will like it too. Better watch out in the misty forest, never know what you may find.

Better watch out

21 Jan 2017

Bergen below the fog

Something from today`s walk on the Fløien.

So it was amazing walk with many reason. The first and the most important because it was first real walk through the mountains from the looooong time. I need it. I need it so much, it is so difficult always sit down with computer and not move. Because the winter time here in Bergen is dark and rainy is not so much possibilities to move up. The rest of the year, like you know, I am always on the run. And I love it. The second reason is the photography. Too long without any photo walks. And because the day was nice, foggy but without any rain. Exactly good to walk. During my walk up the visibility changed few times. The fog come and go away few times. Sun trying to watch on the city. Beauty.  Many people walking up and down. Just a nice time. On the top it was a really nice spectacle with the fog, clouds and sun. Below is only some moments immortalised by me. But believe during 1,5 hour which I spent on the top everything changed many time. I am glad and little bit tired. So this is the Bergen below the fog. Enjoy, and have a good evening.

Bergen below the fog

To better see the city below the fog and clouds is recommended to watch in full screen view

16 Jan 2017

Two days long winter

At the end, even in Bergen, two days long winter

Long time without camera, too long. Weather in the last month was enough good to stay inside. I used my camera few times during the short holiday in Malaga, but this is different topic. And now even in Bergen we had two days long winter time. Only two day. Now in evening the weather changed and coming the rain again. It was two nice days. Below I present three pictures from my Sunday walk. Not so far from home, still with view on the nice winter wearing Lyderhorn (on the third photo). I like the first one.

Many good greetings for all who waiting for something from me. I am still here, I only wait for better times. I hope this year bring me many good possibilities to take a nice photo. Now, during the bad weather time my activity is reduced to Instagram. Everydaybergen Scandinavia Lovers Gallery is the place where I present some nice photo from Scandinavia. The group including many nice persons and I recommend to visit it sometimes. Here it is:

So, here is my first photos in the new 2017 year, I hope not the last ones…

Two days long winter

Two days long winter Two days long winter

31 Dec 2016

Happy New Year 2017

For all of us – Happy New Year 2017

May the HOPE always be with You, during the New Year

Happy New Year 2017

29 Dec 2016

From summer journey

Some memories from summer journey to the North

It was unforgettable journey. First time I visited Lofoten island. Weather was not so good, but enough for the first time. This year probably I repeat my journey.

The whole December, weather in Bergen is so bad. Is worm and rainy. Sky is grey, light is bad. The Holiday storm was crazy. Bad time to photography. When I search my archive, I see all the good photos was already posted here on blog. So I decide to play with some of them in black and white. Trondheim was just a short break on the road North. And I only visited and photographed the most visited places. I do not like cities, I prefer landscape. I feel better with open space around me. Landscape is not so spectacular in black and white. I decide to play with the city photography. So here it is. From summer journey – Trondheim.

From summer journey


25 Dec 2016

Early summer morning

Beautiful memories, early summer morning somewhere in Norway.

During this December I was busy, but I had free mind and time to rethink. This blog exist four and half years. It is a long time, because I posted minimum one photo per day. It gives 1640 photos. Big job. I posted more than this minimum because many post included more than one photo. Sometimes even more than ten. It was not commercial project, just for my (and maybe yours) pleasure. It started from photos taken by idiot camera, through the mobile camera to the four different more professional cameras. The last one is really good one, Canon EOS 750.

So, now comes the time when I will change the blog formula to post only occasionally but much more professional photos. When I changed the camera and my screen, I see by myself, how terrible sometimes pictures I posted. I am still only amateur photographer, but I want to be little bit more profi. Do you think it is a good decision?

This decision have also some other side. I think I started to much project through the social media. Three different groups plus my own profile and blog page, it is only on Facebook. One group and profile page on G+. Own profile and Scandinavia Lovers Gallery on Instagram. Activity on Ello, Pinterest, View Bug, You Pic and many more. When I watch on this everything now it is terrible how many times I had to spent with computer to manage it all. And this is the other side of my decision. In 2017 I think I will shut down many of this projects. I want to get much more time for myself and the family. And this is what you all understand. So it is time to say Goodbye social media, and Hello to the life without it.

Picture for today. Reedited picture from one of my summer trip. Early summer morning on the road through the Norway.

Early summer morning

24 Dec 2016

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to All of You

Happy Holidays

Without any special greetings. This year is/was so Sad, and I do not see reasons to be happy or to celebrate something special. Of course I spend this time with my family and we will try not talk about any difficult things. I think best way to be normal in this abnormal world is to shut down TV, radio and internet connection. Separate yourself from any information. Escape. This is what I wish myself for the next year. I love you all my friends, readers, visitors and enemies. Happy Holidays to all of You