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02 Apr 2018

Time to write something

It is really good time to write something

Long, long time since the last post. So now we have spring time. Nice that is still little frost in the night time, so the snow does not melt so fast. Even with this, everything looks like the flood will come soon. Too much snow in the mountains. Dangerous situation. Anyway, I hope to enjoy the mountains soon and watch whole the water flowing down. This is always spectacular.

Before and during the Easter time we have had a nice sunny weather in Bergen. Some shots you may see below. Really nice to walk through my city again and see all the beauty around. Almost whole people went to the mountains for the Easter. Quiet and nice in the city. Lazy time. It was attractive to visit some places I do not see often. And now when I have this nice, light-full pictures is time to write something and show you it.

I want to say THANK YOU to all of you, who is still with me. I know, I am now so irregular. So glad to see you here. When the summer time comes finally, I promise to show You some spectacular and awesome places. I already have two good locations for the trips. Stay with me…

15 Oct 2017

Bergen by night

I am so happy to present one of the best Bergen by night photo, I saw in the last time.

It is a pleasure to introduce my Instagram friend @prudenceinst

I like almost all photos taken by Magnar, and i think you should visit his Instagram account. His beautiful and worked out in details pictures make me a little sad, because I am always on the run and I do not have a time to create.

“Don’t just take a photo – create it – in your camera” – this is the quote he wrote in account description.

So, I am so proud to be even social media friend of Magnar.

Long exposure photo Bergen by night is presented here with permission from the author, enjoy it and visit his account for more beauty pictures.

Thank you @prudenceinst

Bergen by night by @prudenceinst

Bergen by night by @prudenceinst

11 May 2017

Still living wrecks

Some shot from walk in Alvøen, still living wrecks

I never saw any of this ship flowing somewhere. I still see it staying here in the small Alvøen harbor. Ugly and sad but beauty. It belongs to different time. I photographed it many times and now I think the picture is enough nice to present. Whole Alvøen looks old and it is so nice to see old houses still in good condition. People trying to make his houses nice. The old Alvøen factory is now the office center and also looks good. But the ships looks like straight before the end. I hope some day to see someone who will try revitalize it. Still living wrecks.

The spring time is the most busy time for me, so I do not have time to take new pictures. Even in the evening time in home I have no power to write something.

Still living wrecks


06 Apr 2017

The end

All things are passing… The end

This is another shot from the wet foggy morning near my home. Many of you probably remember my previous shot from this place. It was also foggy day and the lake was frozen around this small boat. Now few mounts later this boat is sunk. So, I think it gives something nice to the composition on this picture. All things are passing… This is the end of some forgotten boat. But I am full of sorrow.

The end

02 Apr 2017

Another wet spring morning

It was just another wet spring morning today.

The spring is lazy. Like I see on other pictures, in continental Europe is already spring time. Here in west Scandinavia is different. The beginning was snowy. Almost whole winter was without snow, the spring comes with some. Rainy, cloudy, snowy. The nature around slowly changing the colors.

Today`s morning was foggy. Because I like taking pictures in the foggy time, I was take some walk around Storavatnet lake. Silent around. Only the water drops falling down. Nice scenery to begin the new photographic season. Another wet spring morning.

Probably like everyone else, on the beginning I took pictures like crazy. I photographed everything around. My hard disc space was full of RAW file never used. So, this winter time I reserved time for myself to browse it all and delete almost everything. Difficult decision. Now I have a lot of space for the new pictures. And now I try to take a look around and find the best moment and best view and take just one or two pictures instead 20 or 30.

And here is one from this morning. I like the stone in the foreground, and the fog in background. I hope You will like it too.

Have a nice time, tomorrow is Monday again…

Another wet spring morning

01 Apr 2017

Nice weekend time

It was a good Saturday, it was a nice weekend time.

A long walk to the top of one from seven Bergen`s mountains. This was a Rundemanen. The top is at 568 meters. The road to the top was built in 1912. It is less popular than the lowest Fløen top, but is in the same massif and including many walking path to the other tops. The road leads along the two big drinking water reservoirs. Most of the road is without any spectacular views. This is on the top. The view 360 degrees around for every part of the city and the landscape around. I wrote most, but not the whole. View on the two reservoirs are beauty. And the road gives possibility to watch on it from different directions. From the half of this road is also beautiful view on the highest top Ulriken from the back side. Below I present it on the picture. I like the sky above, and you? It was a long nice walk and nice weekend time.

This post I wrote two weeks ago, but I had no time to post it. This view below shows how looks the firs few days of spring here in Bergen. Cold, lot of rain and snow. The highest part of surrounding mountains was white. Brrrrr. Still is little bit cold and wet but better then the last two weeks.

Already long time since I post last time. I hope to do it more frequently now on spring time. The landscape around looks better.

Nice weekend time


02 Mar 2017

Spring in Bergen

From yesterday walk, spring in Bergen

Picture taken on the walk through the Sotra. When I start my walk was sunny, nice and warm. Along the walk up to the hills weather change to the really winter., with few centimetres of snow. At the end spring was back. On the picture, the same clouds which bring the snow visible over Bergen. I love to watch the wild sky. Spring in Bergen.

Spring in Bergen

17 Dec 2016

December mood

There is not December mood in Bergen

Probably this is the hottest December until I am in Norway. It was only few days with temperature below zero. The whole rest days temperature is between 7 to 10 degrees, and is rainy and dark. Days are short. Long dark afternoons and evenings. I am so glad I am busy in this time. We have 30 percent chance to get a White Christmas. Crazy but real. December mood in west Norway.

Some picture taken on the beginning of December. Stavangerfjord ferry leaving Bergen in the already afternoon sun. It was around 1 pm.

December mood

25 Nov 2016

Sun stain

Light and shadow, sun stain

From my favourite autumn place. Gamlehaugen. Sun stain on autumn trees with the amazing twins boat houses. I photographed this place many times. Almost every year. This year the Gamlehaugen palace is under reconstruction, not so nice for photography, but the park and terrain around is always beautiful. Enjoy the nice view. Now weather is so bad, so I have a nice memories from fall.

Sun stain

10 Nov 2016

Meat bazaar

From the series Bergen closer – meat bazaar.

Long time ago it was a meat bazaar. The building is placed in the heart of the city, close to Fish Market. It is so nice building mostly photographed from the front side. This is only one fully visible side with possibility to take the photo. Because the building is long is impossible to photograph it from the street without wide angle lenses. Even with good lenses is not enough distance to make all the line straight. I was trying it many times without satisfied results. So, now I try it different way. I tried to take photo closer and along. I like it, and I am curious what you think?

This week I post irregularly. This is so busy week. Even in the weekend time I will be busy. But today I am here, this is from the series Bergen closer – Meat bazaar from the flank.

Bergen closer - Meat bazaar