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03 Dec 2016

Continue experiments with pictures

Still bad, dark and rainy, so I continue experiments with pictures.

I tried so fast learn something about black and white photography editing. Still something new to discover. I like it. And because it take a long time it is good for this kind of weather and short dark days.

The black and white photography requite different glance. Is even little bit more difficult then colour.  So, my probes does not look nice because I use my old photos taken for colour. Some of the transferred to black and white looks good, not perfect. I wait for better weather to try take some for black and white. So, now I have only this. It gives me possibility to create different effects. Not every my tools is good for this kind, but my preferred on ACDSee is surprisingly good. Even if I do something with RAW files. Probably is many other, and better tools. If You have some solution please write me something about it.

This is my old photo taken in Bergen in June 2016. This is Klosteret. Continue experiments with pictures. I think is nice done, but you may think different, please comment below…

Have a nice Saturday

Continue experiments with pictures