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17 Mar 2016

At the end of…

Amazing mood created by the fog and me. At the end of…

At the end of...

02 Mar 2016

Fog mood

Continuing the fog series, Fog mood

This is not good season for photo. Dark grey and cold, sometimes rain or snow. Boring time. I operates the pictures from foggy day. Here is another one. I love the line where the ice connect with the foggy horizon. I hope you will like it too..

With passion and love, greetings from Bergen

Fog mood

06 Feb 2016

Rune Werner Molnes – first solo exhibition

Today in Bergen. I was invited to visit Rune Werner Molnes first solo exhibition.

The Author


The author was always busy. Everyone wanted to know something. Many people around the author and photos.

Below some nice examples from his works. Nice done landscapes photography. Everyone work is printed on fine art materials by the Author. Most of the pictures was taken on Iceland.


Pict 2

Congratulation to the Author, it was small but nice exhibition.

If some of You want to know more about Rune works, check please the author web page:

I hope some day it will be mine small exhibition.

20 Jan 2016

Just another winter picture

Yes, it is only another winter picture.

Morning, when I drive to work. Alvøen, and scenery like from heaven. Do You think so…

-7 strong winter in Bergen till Friday. Have a nice and warm evening.

Another winter picture

19 Jan 2016

Beautiful day…

Morning in my backyard. Beautiful day began with so sad information about another one rock star is gone

What a sad beginning of this year, almost every day we get the information about another one musician from our generation went to the Heaven`s Orchestra. Sad, sad, sad…

The life is running away,  let`s take another Tequila Sunrise. My next picture, which I think You will like, again


Take it easy #glenfrey


06 Jan 2016

Unreal but real

From my photo archive – Unreal but real.

In this autumn we had a many days with calm. This is from one our aimlessly trip. Somewhere in Hordaland. When I look now on this photo I think it was unreal. Even now I feel like suspended in space. I love this one.

In Bergen nice and cold weather, and it will be for few next days. Days always short and I have no time to take any photo. Sad time for me. Have a nice evening everywhere.

Unreal but real

07 Dec 2015


In July I presented some pictures from the visit in Norges Fiskerimuseum, and because I have not new pictures at this moment, this is something else from this trip. From inside.

Outside is some collection of fishing boats. Nice. Some of them are under the reconstruction, and it is nice to see how they were built.

Inside, for me of course, is nothing to do. Just some places like on the picture. This is renovated warehouse room. So nice texture. I love the old wood on walls. Looks nice with the building outside the window.

Have a nice and warm evening, all of You. Thank You for visiting my blogg.


03 Dec 2015

Painting experimental

Because I was busy today, this is another one painting made from my picture. I like it.


30 Nov 2015

Bergen paintings

Bergen paintings, My Bergen

So, it looks like You like the works I made from my pictures, I am so glad…

I think I will made a series of posts under the name Bergen Paintings. Not everyone picture looks nice with this, but some are really great. Take a look on this. It is a old picture, probably from 2013. Some hot afternoon in Bergen. Do You like it? Give me please some feedback.

Bergen paintings

29 Nov 2015

My Bergen

My Bergen

Like I wrote it, I will try to show some painting made from pictures. There is a many different software to do it.

My is some commercial one, and I am so glad with it. Soon I will present more paintings and I will write something about this software. Have a nice day.

My Bergen