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25 Nov 2015

Long light

In this time of the year the light is long

The sun is far away. Days are short, and the rays of the sun are long. This is specific time when You live between the mountains.

Some north mountainsides have not a light at all. On the picture is example, like looks the beautiful Flåm harbour in this time. When You compare it with relative picture from summertime, you will see the difference. The picture was taken around 2 pm. It is mean the long light.

Long light

25 Sep 2015

Undredal valley

At the end, for all Norwigian landscapes lovers, two shots on Undredal valley in the afternoon light. This is quiet and nice place. I love it.

24 Sep 2015

Undredal church

Fine small church in fine small place, built in 1147. Audredal church. Showed below in three different variations.

23 Sep 2015

A show of light

After whole day full of attraction, afternoon visit on the other side of Aurlandsfjord. Small village called Undredal greeted me with the amazing show of sunlight and shadow. More about the Undredal tomorrow.

22 Sep 2015


In Scandinavian folklore, Huldra is a seductive forest creature. They roam in forests and search for men to have sexual intercourse with.
On Flåm Railway, on the station Kjosfossen you may see her dancing with the waterfall on a beckgraund.  

21 Sep 2015

Flåmsbana – The journey

The Flåm Railway is 20,2 km long railway line between Myrdal and Flåm. A branch line of the Bergen Line, it runs through the valley of Flåmsdalen and connect the mainline with Sognefjord. 
The line`s elevation difference is 863 meters, it has 10 stations, 20 tunnels and one bridge.
The maximum gradient is 5,5 percent.
Because of its steep gradient and picturesque nature, The Flåm Railway is now almost exclusively a tourist service and has become the third most visited attraction in Norway.

Now seven pictures from the journey up and down. Enjoy all of them.




Reinunga lake 768 asl



Flåmsdalen and the Flåm Church

20 Sep 2015

Flåmsbana – The Flåm Railway

This is the most known attraction in Flåm, the train between Flåm and Myrdal. Tomorrow we take the ride up and down.

19 Sep 2015

Driving back to Flåm

From Stegastein the view is amazing,but it was cloudy. When I drive back the Snow Road the weather change. This is the view from one curve 200 meters below.

18 Sep 2015

Snow road – on the top

Snow Road is the old road between Aurdal and Lærdal. From the year 2000 when the world longest tunnel (24,5 km ) between the two cities was opened, this is only the tourist attraction. In the middle of summer the snow still exist, and I can not imagine how it looks in the middle of winter time.

The Names made from stone. Some people like to leave the signs on earth

17 Sep 2015


This is an spectacular View Point at 650 meter above the fjord. It is situated close to the old National Tourist Road between the Lærdal and Aurland. This road name is The Snow Road. The view is of course so spectacular in every kind of weather. On the picture, like You see, is a cloudy time, but later I will present some pictures taken in sunshine.

The view point – Stegastein…

… and the view

Tomorrow the next step – Snow Road landscape