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02 Jul 2017

Heaven – Breathtaking place.

Heaven is so close. This one is in Balestrand.

My private list of breathtaking places in Norway always expands. Another one place from trip through the Balestrand area. View point on the road 13, Gaularfjellet. It have no sense to write something about this view. There is no words to describe it. For me it is one of the most incredible view. I visited many places, from Lofoten through the Geiranger and Loen/Olden valleys and of course Aurland, but this on delighted me. The rest you may see on the picture below. Heaven

Something else for everyone who explore Norway by car. This is untruth that the most amazing road to drive through is the Trolstingen. Believe me. The last four years I drove through the almost every possible and impossible roads, mostly in Hordaland. Trollstingen looks nice in the touristic folder only because someone promote it. On this picture below you see the crazy part of the road 13 in Balestrand. Looks similar, but for me is much better and much more crazy. Drivers heaven – So if you plan to visit this part of Norway it is absolutely must drive.

And so, now we have a vacation time. After the last year trip along Norway, this summer I will spend in Germany. I hope to see many nice places. I will explore the south west part. See you on the road, and have a good vacation too.


04 Jun 2017

Long one day trip. June in Balestrand

It was long one day trip to Balestrand

So, this is June in Balestrand. Hard to believe. Two times through the road number 13 I had a chance to enjoy snow. Once in Balestrtrand, which you may see on the picture, second time after crossing Sognefjord between Vikøy and Myrkdalen. I have never been there before, and it was good time to explore this part. I think I have to try once more in the summer time, but for more than only one day. Crazy drive. Long one day trip, 460 kilometers, mostly driving, with short breaks just for to take some photo. From morning to evening. But I love it. The scene on the picture is probably very popular scene and many people stop here. This is Nystølvatnet and now in the beginning of June is still frozen.

The touristic season in Norway is already start. Through the road I met many cars from Deutschland and Netherlands. Probably most of them is driving to the North part. Campers rules on the roads to North. I would like some day to drive the same road slowly, without time limit.

Have nice time and enjoy the June view from Balestrand.

Long one day trip

22 Nov 2016

Road across mountains

This is what my eyes love, road across mountains

This is always amazing to be in the place like this one. Especially if someone love mountains like me. Norway is so difficult terrain. Without bridges and tunnels, and the mountains roads was so difficult to move across this country. It is still many places so difficult to reach. Roads up and down is so crazy, but driving many kilometres on top is amazing. With all the view on every direction, with the view which change after all curves. Feeling yourself somewhere between the earth and heaven. Driving in the autumn season have a additional spectacular attraction, the colours. Mountains are overgrown by the mosses, heather’s and special kind of grass. And it all changing the colours to brown yellow carpet. It is like invitation to take a long walk. Looks beautiful but is dangerous. Better is to walk along the paths. All the plants hold the water, sometimes deep and sometimes slushy. Enjoy with me the road across mountains. This is the road number 13 between Myrkdalen and Vikøy.

Road across mountains

15 Nov 2016

Landscape with railway tracks

From Hordaland, landscape with railway tracks

From Bergen, through the Hordaland is only one railway to Oslo. This is too difficult to build railways in terrain like here in Norway. Using the car is possibility to reach almost every point in Norway. There is many historical post roads, some of them only for walking, which was built many years ago. Some of them are really crazy roads. I have problem to imagine how the post was delivered. Now the old post roads are suitable to enjoy the landscape, driving or walking.

Railways through the mountains require a lot of tunnels and bridges. Railways in that terrain are expensive to build. For someone who want know more about this, I recommend to visit Flåm Railway museum. It perfectly shows how difficult was to build the little road from Flåm to Myrdal. In the era before dynamite, working by hands tools they build one meter of tunnel for one month. Crazy. Today it goes faster, but costs crazy money. On the picture below is just one (from many) place with amazing view which may enjoy the train passengers. Enjoy it also, on my picture. The mountain visible on the picture, it is Osterøy island. Landscape with railway tracks.

Landscape with railway tracks

14 Nov 2016

Norwegian landscape

Everything around me, Norwegian landscape

Because I live in Norway, because I am here more than six years, and because I travelled a lot through this country – the view like on the picture below does not make an impression. This view or similar or some better is everywhere around. It is hard to believe for some who does not visit Norway yet, but it is true. 1100 fjords surrounded by millions of  mountains, and again, and again. Of course I love this country and this landscape. In my beginning I started my exploration from walks through and along Bergen. I remember my first walk up to mount Ulriken. And it was terrible experience. Times go by, and walked every single day to form my condition. Later I travelled close to the city, not so far. Now I am so crazy. I may drive whole day and at the end climb on selected mountain, walk down and drive back home. Only for see this one unique view and of course take a photo. I am not the one, almost whole Norwegians do the same way.  On my path I meet hundreds of nice people. And this is beautiful.

Now after many years here only the spectacular view and spectacular landscape make me impressed. My Google Maps is full of stars with saved places I want to visit. I want to go to this places because I saw it on pictures from other people. I know it is always the same drive, climb and drive back but I think I love it.

So this is simple Norwegian landscape taken somewhere in Hordaland. Somewhere on my road to nowhere, just for pleasure to drive and enjoying the view around me. Somewhere on my road to discover another attraction to photograph and shows here. Have a nice evening everywhere.

Norwegian landscape


09 Oct 2016

Incredible place named Hope

I found it yesterday, incredible place named Hope

Yesterday I spend exploring Masfjorden area. North of Bergen, close the Hordaland – Sogn of Fjordane border line. Beautiful part along which I always only drive on my trips to the north. This time I tried to explore it, and now I know is beauty. I have to spend more time here. It is only 100 kilometers from Bergen. Because it was the first time here, most time I spend in car, driving and watching around. In afternoon after some dinner break I decide to take a short walk. I found the sign to Hope, only 1,2 km. OK. And this is what I discovered walking along the small valley with Hopsvatnet lake inside. The whole village Hope is only five houses and five barns. And is surrounded by high mountains, beautiful with its autumn dress. Incredible place named hope with silent.

The picture was taken from the road and including reflection in the lake. I like the specific autumn light. Is short and so intensive. But it gives amazing effect. So, this place and many other places in this area is worth to be back and spend some time to explore it. In the next few days I will show you more pictures. Because the weather was so nice, sunny and warm, the pictures are fine. Stay with me and have a good Sunday…

Incredible place named Hope

25 Sep 2016

Rock formation

One of my big fascination, rock formation

I am so lucky I live in country like Norway. I have it everywhere around. Some of it are so fascinating. Some just nice but ordinary. When I discover some place like this it attracts me like a magnet. I hope some of you know how it is sit and contemplate it. Watching how the changing light change the view. How different it looks in different kind of light. When the light is strong give it the contrast, when is soft make it blur.

Watching it I always think about the millions of years the rock formation still stay and still changing. I think about whole people across the centuries which watch it. I think about many other eternity things. It clean me, it give me more power and it makes me small.

Did you ever feel the same watching on something. Of course for everyone this is different thing, different fascination. Some day I have to write why I love the mountains at all. Why I love the mountains with water in between. Why Norway is the country exactly for me.

This is my new fascination, the rock formation from Eksingedalen

Rock formation

21 Sep 2016

Nesheim church

Nesheim church

At the bottom of this beautiful valley presented yesterday standing the church. In the middle of green meadow, surrounded by gravestones. Is beautiful because is small and white. Around is so many autumn colors. Mountains around are gold and red. The trees are multicolored, from still green pine to gold, yellow, red birch. Close water are blue and reflect the sky with white clouds. Only the gravestones are grey. This is natural composition enough to be painted by some new Monet. I know is hard to imagine the view, but believe me is real. I walked a little between the gravestones, I like this small graveyard mood. Even in paradise people are dying. It was a little break before the next step. I think even the picture of the church is little unbelievable. This is Nesheim church.

Have a nice afternoon and evening. Enjoy the nice fall mood and good weather, if you have the same like we in Norway.

Nesheim church

20 Sep 2016

Place lost between mountains

Nesheim, place lost between mountains

This is the view from the road to Nesheim. Looks like paradise, it is paradise. Small valley between the mountains. One road, but everything you need is here. Boundless silence, space, green meadows, forest, river, waterfalls and amazing beautiful lake or rather river pool. What do you need more to be happy? I like to stop on the road which leads down to the village and watch on this beauty around. The silence around is paralyzing. There is not many cars on the road, but when some coming I hear it from few kilometers. What do you think about the view I present on the picture below? Nesheim, place lost between mountains. Do you want more…?

Place lost between mountains



19 Sep 2016

Road to Eksingedalen

Road to Eksingedalen

Beautiful small, narrow road between Evanger and Nesheim. The first few kilometers leads through the deep valley along small river. The second part of this road leads up through the serpentine with many dangerous curves, most of them 180 degrees, crazy drive. On the top is view point where you may stop and watch the valley and the serpentine you drive. Nice view. It was a lot of morning fall fogs in the valley, amazing view. The third part of this roads leads through the top of the mountains and this is unforgettable ride. I do not know how it looks in other seasons. In winter time the road may be closed. I saw the barriers. In early fall time like now this is dangerous for the driver. Because the head are turning around, so many nice beauty, amazing rock formations around. All of them are covered by the moss and grass which are gold now. In little cloudy day, I wish myself to sit here for few hours and watch the shadow spectacle on the gold cover. I am not sure I get another chance this season, maybe the next one. After my second visit here, I am still think this is one of the most beautiful places around me. Worth to visit more often.

The picture below shows only the small part of the road, but you may imagine how it looks in reality. Road to Eksingedalen

Road to Eksingedalen