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23 Nov 2015

Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark in Bergen

After visiting Stavanger, now the Noah’s Ark arrive to Bergen

Is open for visitors from today. Probably because it is the first floating museum in Europe, the price for adult person is 220 NOK. At this moment it is 24 Euro. So I think it is little bit to high price. What You think about it?

The Ark

01 Oct 2015

Historical boat house

Still in Norheimsund. Few historical boat houses on the walking path.


27 Mar 2015

The old Firestation

Just Bergen, in one cloudy day. The old firestation, close to Skansen.


10 Sep 2014

4 minutes about abandoned places.

Welcome to watch the short slideshow. It including pictures of some abandoned places around Bergen. You can subscribe my channel on YouTube. Sometimes I will present the short movies. The next will be the Magical Bergen`s Sunsets.

09 Sep 2014


Osterøy again. Vestrevatnet is a post volcanic lake between the mountains. Absolute silence around. The lake surface was like a mirror. In place like this even the breath is too loud. 




08 Sep 2014

Somewhere on Osterøy

An absolutely fine looking old, abandoned barn – somewhere on Osterøy.


19 Aug 2014

Indre Arna.

Indre Arna today, under the clouds.

Indre Arna

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