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29 Jun 2016

Software in work

Another very fast done painting. My software in work

Software in work

28 Jun 2016


Another painting probe, watercolor

Because I am still too busy to take some new pictures. Something from my big archive. Easy to used software gives a big possibilities, but … it requite a time…


28 May 2016

Painted Slottet

Painted Slottet. Because I like to play with my picture, and I like to showing it here, this is another one from Painted series.

I bought the software to play with the pictures and it is funny. It is not perfect software, but enough to do something. Many filters and presets is similar in few software’s, few is unique, but everyone soft cost minimum 100 dollars and is no way to have it all.

Painted Slottet

23 May 2016

Painting for new week

I hope this week will be nice for everyone. And on the beginning this is my painting for new week.

Somewhere on Sotra, the red boat house.

Red boat house, Painting for new week

12 May 2016


Some view from road down to the Evangervatnet.

Little painting effect added.


06 May 2016

Bryggen from back side

Bryggen it is not only the the front facade. This is Bryggen from back side.

Most of the tourists see only the front side, only some of them walk around. This is some example how beauty it is also from back side. Enjoy and leave some comment, which help me to be better.

Bryggen from back side

05 May 2016

Bergen, painted landscape

Because I go my own way. Bergen, painted landscape.

From today`s walk. Little windy but nice day in Bergen. I visited the part I visit rarely. Some nice view on the Byfjorden. And some painted effect. How You see it?

Bergen, painted landscape


03 Mar 2016

Watercolor for today

You know I like to play with some software, doing the paintings. This is watercolor for today.

The picture was taken in May 2015 on Sotra. It was wet and rainy day, but I like this picture.

Have a nice evening…


21 Feb 2016

Even the landscape

Even the landscape looks nice in some painting style.

What do You think…?

Painted landscape

20 Feb 2016

Pop art style

It is just a probe, but I will be happy to hear what You think about it… Here is Bergen in Pop Art

Pop Art