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31 Dec 2017
Last trip 2017

Last trip 2017

It was my last trip 2017

Not so far, just 100 kilometers. Voss. Small nice placed town in Hordaland. But because it is hundred kilometers from the seaside the kind of weather is different. Much more snow than in Bergen. And of course the tree I like.

2017 is over now. I was not so active during this year, and I do not think it will change in 2018. I plan another visit in the North Norway. Destination Senja. And like always many small trips around.

In 2018 I wish myself to get more time for my photographic passion. I hope to sell some pictures.

For You all, my friend, I think You know better what do You want in the New Year, so I wish you all fulfillment of your dreams. See You in the New Year….


02 Apr 2017

Another wet spring morning

It was just another wet spring morning today.

The spring is lazy. Like I see on other pictures, in continental Europe is already spring time. Here in west Scandinavia is different. The beginning was snowy. Almost whole winter was without snow, the spring comes with some. Rainy, cloudy, snowy. The nature around slowly changing the colors.

Today`s morning was foggy. Because I like taking pictures in the foggy time, I was take some walk around Storavatnet lake. Silent around. Only the water drops falling down. Nice scenery to begin the new photographic season. Another wet spring morning.

Probably like everyone else, on the beginning I took pictures like crazy. I photographed everything around. My hard disc space was full of RAW file never used. So, this winter time I reserved time for myself to browse it all and delete almost everything. Difficult decision. Now I have a lot of space for the new pictures. And now I try to take a look around and find the best moment and best view and take just one or two pictures instead 20 or 30.

And here is one from this morning. I like the stone in the foreground, and the fog in background. I hope You will like it too.

Have a nice time, tomorrow is Monday again…

Another wet spring morning

30 Aug 2016

Lodalen second step

Lodalen second step.

Yesterday I used the name Loedalen, it is probably also good. But like I watch today on the map, the name is Lodalen. The water on the picture it is Lovatnet lake with amazing emerald color. It is not crystal, rather looking little bit turbid. This is because melting glacier include the rock dust and lot of clay. Water from melting glacier flow down to the lake and give this amazing color. It looks like a little turbid but is clean with lot of fishes. Fishing in this lake is free. This place is too beautiful to be true. Around the lake is few places for free camping, and I saw many people on it.

The surrounding mountains looks beautifully green, the temperature is pretty nice inside the valley but the mountains top is covered by glaciers. Bødalsbreen, Kjenndal, Brenndalsbreen and Briksdal + all four glaciers are the part of Jestedalsbreen National Park, the home of biggest glaciers area in Europe. It is beautiful, but the glaciers are retreating. It is sad to see signs how far in the last 200 years…

Lodalen second step


12 Aug 2016

Old Stavanger

Visiting Old Stavanger

In the pouring rain, early in the morning. I spent there around 1,5 – 2 hours, early in the morning between 6 – 8 am. The city was empty on this time. It was a holiday time and many inhabitants left the city. Quiet and nice place. I like walk alone through the narrow streets, I like empty streets atmosphere. Only the rain was the problem. After visiting and climbing Preikestolen late in the evening yesterday, I wanted to be back home this evening. It is long way between Stavanger and Bergen with few ferry`s, but I wated to drive back the old road through the Rogaland county. The road 13 is even longer, but including only one ferry and runs through the nice small places.

About Stavanger. I think I like this city. It is completely different like Bergen. It is and it looks like industrial city, where the big company`s have their offices. This is the Oil and Gas center. Big harbor, much bigger then in Bergen. The big cruise ships moored exactly in the city center. The Old Stavanger is small area, I thought it will be bigger, but it is only three streets. With some surprise in the middle (I will present it tomorrow). The real city center, with all the shops, bar and restaurant is so nice and colorful, and it is the place I like a lot. Good and rich city.

If You want more from Stavanger, here is the specialist, my fellow blogger from this city:

Like I wrote, weather was so bad, than the pictures are not so nice. Just some shots.

Old Stavanger Old Stavanger Old Stavanger Old Stavanger

07 Aug 2016


Heidal. Driving along many roads, let me discover many nice places.

This is another place I discover driving back from my Lofoten journey this year. When I drive for the long distance, the mobil phone maps always show me two or three alternative ways. I do not like driving the same ways always. Than I try to choose some alternative. And it let me to discover and view many nice places. Heidal. Some small place along the road 257 and the river Sjoa. This is known touristic town, but probably most known from the Wooden Church. Heidal Kirke. For those who want to know more: 

Some picture I taken out and inside. Enjoy and have a good evening.

Heidal Church Heidal Church Heidal Church Heidal Church Heidal Church


02 Apr 2016

Watching the ocean

Of course Toft. Amazing afternoon. Watching the ocean

Watching the ocean in Toft

07 Mar 2016

Aurora Borealis

Yesterday`s night in Bergen. Aurora Borealis

It is my first experience with photograph the Aurora Borealis. I was much too late on my view point, and I photograph only the rest. Even this looks incredible. Yesterday the Aurora Borealis level was on KP6, it means the strong level. Probably today will be the reprise. and the level will be only one point less. KP5. I hope will be a great evening today, too.

Have a nice evening

Aurora Borealis in Bergen

23 Feb 2016

Soon will be back

The beautiful summer on Sotra, I hope soon will be back.

When I see the snow through the window, and when I am bored with this kind of weather, I  am looking for positives in my picture archive. This is one of the picture which always give me hope. When I watch it, I can even imagine by myself all the feelings. Is worm, is nice, full of colours and Sotra all around. Is beautiful.

Have a good dream about summer… soon will be back

Summer on Sotra

14 Feb 2016

Ski star

From today`s walk through Gullfjellet. Ski star.

I like to enjoy winter when I want. I am happy to live in the city surrounded by the mountains. Today we take a trip round the Gullfjellet. Amazing view which I will present tomorrow. This one buddy we met somewhere in the mountain. Funny little Ski star.

Have a nice st. valentines evening

Ski star

06 Feb 2016

Rune Werner Molnes – first solo exhibition

Today in Bergen. I was invited to visit Rune Werner Molnes first solo exhibition.

The Author


The author was always busy. Everyone wanted to know something. Many people around the author and photos.

Below some nice examples from his works. Nice done landscapes photography. Everyone work is printed on fine art materials by the Author. Most of the pictures was taken on Iceland.


Pict 2

Congratulation to the Author, it was small but nice exhibition.

If some of You want to know more about Rune works, check please the author web page:

I hope some day it will be mine small exhibition.