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30 Aug 2017

Night on glacier

Incredible night on glacier.

Because the weather in Norway now, is similar to summer I was take some free days and small trip to Sognefjord area. Much more from my trip I will present later in the single posts from each places I visited. Today I want to present and describe my experience with another one glacier. After crossing the amazing Sognefjellet road I drove down the road 55 and finally stop in Gaupne. Early evening and nothing special to do, has caused me to look around. So, I found the road sign with direction to the Nigardsbreen glacier. Why not.

I reached it around 8.00 pm. Like you may see it on the picture below it was a sunset time. White rocks around, blue ice on glacier and the sunset. Sounds like a dream, and it was like a dream for me. Because I reached this place at this time, nobody was there. Any tourists and any handling crew. Completely alone I was take a long walk to the glacier and a little on the glacier. I know it is dangerous to be on a melting glacier, but it was a first possibility for me to be so close with millions years old ice. Nice to touch something that old. It was incredible night on glacier.

Like I read later there is few more glaciers around in this valley, and I save this place on my private map for to visit it again.

Morning time was incredible cold and wet. Whole valley was in the shadow and the river Jostedøla (which rolling the ice cold water from the glaciers around) keeps the temperature around 5 degrees. Later when the sun will rise is much better.

Night on glacier

02 Mar 2017

Spring in Bergen

From yesterday walk, spring in Bergen

Picture taken on the walk through the Sotra. When I start my walk was sunny, nice and warm. Along the walk up to the hills weather change to the really winter., with few centimetres of snow. At the end spring was back. On the picture, the same clouds which bring the snow visible over Bergen. I love to watch the wild sky. Spring in Bergen.

Spring in Bergen

09 Oct 2016

Pure reflection

From yesterday trip, pure reflection.

I am so glad with this picture, I love it. It was amazing experience to be there in this moment. Pure reflection taken in Matre. Another my picture from the trip around Masfjorden. I hope you all had a good weekend, and you are so strong for the next week. I am…

Pure reflection

21 Sep 2016

Nesheim church

Nesheim church

At the bottom of this beautiful valley presented yesterday standing the church. In the middle of green meadow, surrounded by gravestones. Is beautiful because is small and white. Around is so many autumn colors. Mountains around are gold and red. The trees are multicolored, from still green pine to gold, yellow, red birch. Close water are blue and reflect the sky with white clouds. Only the gravestones are grey. This is natural composition enough to be painted by some new Monet. I know is hard to imagine the view, but believe me is real. I walked a little between the gravestones, I like this small graveyard mood. Even in paradise people are dying. It was a little break before the next step. I think even the picture of the church is little unbelievable. This is Nesheim church.

Have a nice afternoon and evening. Enjoy the nice fall mood and good weather, if you have the same like we in Norway.

Nesheim church

14 Sep 2016

Quiet evening on Sotra

Yesterday quiet evening on Sotra.

It was amazingly beautiful day, nice and warm. Even hot. probably it is the Indian Summer here in Bergen. Whole day was nice, but evening was amazing. We take a short trip on Sotra and we find best place to watch sunset. Turøy, not so high hill with beautiful view. Many other people choose the same location for yesterdays evening. around 20 degree light breeze and the View. Another good and quiet evening on Sotra.

Quiet evening on Sotra

22 May 2016

Skogsøytua, Øygarden

This weekend #microadventure – Skogsøytua, Øygarden

Like almost every week I organized #microadventure trip. Because this is already my state of mind and I can not live without it. Even if the weather is not perfect. In Saturday was cloudy, windy and wet. Sotra is close to me and I love It. Many times I drove across looking for some new places to visit. Few times before I visited Hardlevær. After analyzing Google Maps, this time I decide to take a walk through the Skogsøytua, Øygarden. Looks interesting. The trip start through the gate to the pasture and in many places runs the wooden platform because is so many water. More than half part of the path is nothing interesting. But the last 2 kilometers before The Skogsøytua is feast for eyes. Combination of rocks and grass. Many small paddles between, some bigger around the top. This is not high top. It is only 49 meters, but it is exactly at the sea shore. From the top is amazing view on the hundreds of small island. Yes, hundreds of small rock pieces smashing the ocean waves. Much more beautiful and amazing view in windy day. So many possibilities to continue the walk through the rocks even a far to the sea. From start to the top of Skogsøytua it is only 2 and half kilometers. Easy level, for everyone. I met also family with small children. Distance from Bergen 43 kilometers. I think is worth to try it some day. Like all my visitors know, I love the lonely trips through the Sotra rocks, I love to watch the ocean and the sky over it. Always something interesting. And this is the reason why I recommend it like the weekend #microadventure. Because it is easy, it may be also possibility to take this walk with someone interesting and make a conversation.

Bench of the top Skogsøytua, Øygarden

Many helping wooden platform and stairs. Skogsøytua, Øygarden

Puddle around the top The view 1. Skogsøytua, Øygarden The view 2. Skogsøytua, Øygarden

08 May 2016

Dark cloud

Nothing else, just the dark cloud.

Dark cloud

05 Apr 2016

Blue sun

When the fog is coming from the ocean. Blue sun

Blue sun

12 Mar 2016

Sotra, some view from the bridge.

Some view from the bridge, one of hundreds Sotra bridges. This is the Nordra Straumsundet Bridge.

Just a little break on the road to Forhjelmo. Nice weather and nice view.

Have a nice evening

View from the bridge

04 Mar 2016

Clear sunset on Sotra

Love Sotra, from last summer, one of the clear sunset on ocean

This is another reason why I love Sotra. Fantastic clear view on the ocean. This is one from last summer.

It looks like tomorrow will be the first spring, warm day. I hope to visit Sotra tomorrow. And of course I hope to take new amazing pictures for You. Have a nice Friday evening.

Clear sunset on Sotra