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19 May 2016

Sotra rocks

I love to watch for the rocks in different kind of light. It is always so interesting. Sotra rocks

After my short visit in the most visited city in Europe, Prague, I needed to spent some quiet time. Sotra is always the best place to relax.

Sotra rocks

03 May 2016

The ropes

Just a shot to show how beauty is Sotra. The ropes in the water

Beauty of Sotra. The ropes.

03 May 2016

Back side

Back side of the most beautiful Norway`s motive.

Everyone who visited to Norway take back minimum one photo of the beautiful Norwegian boat houses. This is shot from back side. It was taken rather to show the nice blue sky, but the colors of the houses give fantastic contrast with the sky. Somewhere on Sotra, Misje.

Back side, Sotra`s boat houses

29 Apr 2016

Tragedy on Sotra

Tragedy on Sotra. Today at noon in Turøy on Sotra. 11 people have been found death and 2 are missing after helicopter crashed. So sad information and big tragedy. Below is the link to the local press Bergens Tidende.

Home page with more pictures:

And the BBC news:

The place. Helicopter crashed 100 right from this bridge.

Turøy, Sotra. Tragedy on Sotra

28 Apr 2016


A small view point on island Viksøyna

This place belong, like I think, to the maritime pilots station.


27 Apr 2016


Hummelsund, Sotra

It looks little bit unreal, but is real. View on small village Hummelsund from the island Viksøyna. This is somewhere at the end of the world (Sotra). And because it is so far, is quiet place. I like to sit down on some stone and watch this place. In the sun and in the shadow. In the rain and in the dark. Just a magic.

It looks like this summer will be fantastic here in Norway, and all my planned trips brings a lot of nice pictures to share with You all. This is my pleasure. This is why I do all of this. I hope some of You really like my job.

Hummelsund Sotra

26 Apr 2016

Rest of something

Maybe it was a gate in the fence, maybe something else … Rest of something

Rest of something

25 Apr 2016

It is just another Scandinavian view with boathouse

Nothing else, nothing new. It is just another Scandinavian view with boathouse

You may like it or not but it is typical Scandinavian view….

Scandinavian view

23 Apr 2016

Exploring Sotra east coast

Exploring Sotra east coast.

At morning Bergen was white, yes it was snow in April. Because on Sotra weather is always better than in Bergen I try to explore the easy coast. Many times I wanted to go to Misje. On the picture is some abandoned fishing factory in Misje. It looks like an amazing place and when the summer comes I will try to explore it inside.

Abandoned factory in Misje. Exploring Sotra east coast.

17 Apr 2016

Today`s mountain walk

From Today`s mountain walk.

Some of You may remember my walks on Liatarnet, Sotra. This picture was taken on other side of this mountain. From the path from Haganes.

Mountain walk