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13 Mar 2016

Forhjelmo, photo experiment

This is some photo experiment.

I showed this place many times. Sometimes is bored. Now I try some photo experiment. New idea and the pleasure is coming back. I wonder what do You think about it? Do You like the experiments like this? Feel free to comment.

And… have a good evening

Forhjelmo photo experiment

12 Mar 2016

Sotra, some view from the bridge.

Some view from the bridge, one of hundreds Sotra bridges. This is the Nordra Straumsundet Bridge.

Just a little break on the road to Forhjelmo. Nice weather and nice view.

Have a nice evening

View from the bridge

11 Mar 2016

Spring on the horizon

Today`s post. The Spring on the horizon. Somewhere on Sotra

Spring on the horizon

06 Mar 2016

Hjelmo, the little havn

From yesterday`s trip to Øygarden. Hjelmo, the little havn

This a small place. Little covered from other. Like I saw it is only few houses. At the end of the road after the church is same small havn. Yesterday it was a beautiful place with water like a mirror. I will present more pictures soon.

Have a nice evening


05 Mar 2016

Tree with background

Tree with background from today`s trip

Warm, sunny spring day. What a pleasure to take some trip. Of course Sotra. Long trip to the end of Sotra. Exploring some unknown places. Just before Forhjelmo is the small road on the right. At the end, after 1,5 kilometres is Hjelmo. Little place with many places to take some photos. This is one of them.

Have a nice Saturday…

The tree with background

04 Mar 2016

Clear sunset on Sotra

Love Sotra, from last summer, one of the clear sunset on ocean

This is another reason why I love Sotra. Fantastic clear view on the ocean. This is one from last summer.

It looks like tomorrow will be the first spring, warm day. I hope to visit Sotra tomorrow. And of course I hope to take new amazing pictures for You. Have a nice Friday evening.

Clear sunset on Sotra

23 Feb 2016

Soon will be back

The beautiful summer on Sotra, I hope soon will be back.

When I see the snow through the window, and when I am bored with this kind of weather, I  am looking for positives in my picture archive. This is one of the picture which always give me hope. When I watch it, I can even imagine by myself all the feelings. Is worm, is nice, full of colours and Sotra all around. Is beautiful.

Have a good dream about summer… soon will be back

Summer on Sotra

18 Feb 2016

Unexpected reflections

It was a nice walk through the Glasvaer when I found this unexpected reflections

I like Glasvear, this small place surprising me every time. Good tips for some short trip.

Unexpected reflections

08 Feb 2016

Oh my Sotra

Oh my Sotra, I miss it.

Kilometres of stones and water. Free wind. Incredible views on every time of the day. Colours of sunsets. I miss it everything. On the picture is the windy summer sunset photographed in one of my best place to hide, Toft.

Probably we all wait for summertime. Greetings from Bergen

Summer sunset on Sotra

01 Feb 2016

Stormy sky

Just before the snow storm. Stormy sky over Sotra

Stormy sky