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14 Oct 2016

Reflection with shadow

From the trip to Masfjorden, reflection and shadow

I like to visit the same places in different time. It always shows something different. In this place, Matre, I only take some break last year. Probably I drove back from some trip around Sognefjorden. From the road it was looking like nice place. And of course I was so surprised. So, this year I visit this place again. Also was calm weather and amazing reflection on Masfjorden water. But this time I was there early in the day, and the light was different.

Here is the picture from Last year:

And here is what I saw this year. Reflection with shadow.

Reflection with shadow

Have a great Friday evening, and be back tomorrow…


11 Oct 2016

Another reflection

Here is another reflection from the trip to Masfjorden.

It was amazingly calm day. Like I wrote it before we have so nice autumn in Norway this year. I like reflections, I like taking the pictures in calm days. Some of it requite better lenses. But because I tested my new camera, I used the standard lenses 18-55. I am so glad with the camera, and I am so impressed with the picture quality. My old one is now really old. It was Canon EOS 1000D. The new one is so easy to use and the touch screen let me change every settings in a second. It is like jump to the other century. Probably is many much better cameras on the market, much more expensive like my new, but I am still only the amateur and I do not think I need better one. This is about cameras.

Masfjorden is not the most visited area, it is not that spectacular like Geiranger fjord, but is also nice. I am so glad that is always many places like this with really wild nature and nice views. After this year vacation on Lofoten, I was little tired with hundreds tourist everywhere around. Here around Masfjorded is silent and nice. Quiet and lazy afternoon charge my batteries for whole week. Here is another reflection picture taken somewhere along Masfjorden. Enjoy the nice view and have a nice evening.

Another reflection


10 Oct 2016

Closer, Bergen colors

Many days ago I start mini series Bergen closer, next part Closer, Bergen colors

Because the autumn, because I like to walk through the city and because the colors. Autumn is the photographers favorite time, I think, colorful beauty time. This year instead summer we have beautiful, amazing autumn. I do not remember almost month without the rain and always blue sky. Autumn matures, colors changing, time goes by… Like someone said, I love photography because it capture the moment which never be back. Me too. Next year also be autumn, the colors also become, but I remember every one moments when I take photography and the moments will never happen again. Is only here and now, and the future which bring unknown. Closer, Bergen colors.

Bergen colors



09 Oct 2016

Pure reflection

From yesterday trip, pure reflection.

I am so glad with this picture, I love it. It was amazing experience to be there in this moment. Pure reflection taken in Matre. Another my picture from the trip around Masfjorden. I hope you all had a good weekend, and you are so strong for the next week. I am…

Pure reflection

09 Oct 2016

Incredible place named Hope

I found it yesterday, incredible place named Hope

Yesterday I spend exploring Masfjorden area. North of Bergen, close the Hordaland – Sogn of Fjordane border line. Beautiful part along which I always only drive on my trips to the north. This time I tried to explore it, and now I know is beauty. I have to spend more time here. It is only 100 kilometers from Bergen. Because it was the first time here, most time I spend in car, driving and watching around. In afternoon after some dinner break I decide to take a short walk. I found the sign to Hope, only 1,2 km. OK. And this is what I discovered walking along the small valley with Hopsvatnet lake inside. The whole village Hope is only five houses and five barns. And is surrounded by high mountains, beautiful with its autumn dress. Incredible place named hope with silent.

The picture was taken from the road and including reflection in the lake. I like the specific autumn light. Is short and so intensive. But it gives amazing effect. So, this place and many other places in this area is worth to be back and spend some time to explore it. In the next few days I will show you more pictures. Because the weather was so nice, sunny and warm, the pictures are fine. Stay with me and have a good Sunday…

Incredible place named Hope

06 Oct 2016

Between autumn and winter

Between autumn and winter in Hardanger.

I love Hardanger and Hardangerfjord. Many amazing places along it. Few of them I alredy show you here on my blog, many other still waiting for my visit. Because Hardanger is the Norwegian fruit center, in autumn season along the roads is many places with stands to bay fruits, straight from the orchard. Fantastic apples and pears. It is one of many reason why I always, every year drive through Hardanger. The picture below was taken on one of that place. I thought it is nice composition. The bus stop with the trees already colored by autumn and the Folgefonna glacier on the mountains on other side Hardangerfjord. So any question, why I like it? Between autumn and winter.

Between autumn and winter


30 Sep 2016

One more Sotra rock

From one of my trip, one more Sotra rock.

This will be bored if I write it again, I love rocks, rocks formation. Maybe this is one more reason why I love Sotra. Because Sotra is the million small pieces of rock scattered on the ocean. In present time we have technology, bridges, roads through almost all of them. And even now some of them are wild and possible to reach only by boat, some other is only small pieces of rock visible little bit over the water level. I love it all.

On the picture is one more Sotra Rock, with greetings to all of you. Have a good Saturday.

One more Sotra rock

28 Sep 2016

Colorful Bergen

Colorful Bergen, some part of Sandviken

On one of my walk through the mountains around Bergen I found the signpost to the Sandviken Battery.After long walk I was little tired, but also so interesting. It was not so difficult to attain it. The battery was not so nice, but the view from it, wow, amazing. Wide view for the Bergen`s fjord, Byfjorden, for the bridge to Askøy and many parts of city Bergen. Also for all the mountains around. I had the time to try the view from all possible and impossible places. Unfortunately the weather was not good for taking the picture. Ok, I have many pictures but it requite time to prepare it to show. Because now start the rainy period I think I find the time to do it right and to show you more nice views. This is one, was easy to prepare because it not including the sky, and the difficult light. It shows some part of Sandviken with the few colored buildings which are visible only from the water side. I like this part of Bergen. I like the old, renovated wooden buildings on the seaside. So, this is my colorful Bergen, enjoy it and have a good time.

Colorful Bergen

27 Sep 2016

Last view

This is the last view on the amazing valley

After long walk through the amazing Eksingedalen valley, now little break in car. And because I do not like to sit, I jumped a little on the big stones in the stream. This is some shot at the end including the stream, stones, some trees on the stones and the rest of the valley. I think is nice shot. What do you think about it?  Last view on the valley.

last view

25 Sep 2016

Rock formation

One of my big fascination, rock formation

I am so lucky I live in country like Norway. I have it everywhere around. Some of it are so fascinating. Some just nice but ordinary. When I discover some place like this it attracts me like a magnet. I hope some of you know how it is sit and contemplate it. Watching how the changing light change the view. How different it looks in different kind of light. When the light is strong give it the contrast, when is soft make it blur.

Watching it I always think about the millions of years the rock formation still stay and still changing. I think about whole people across the centuries which watch it. I think about many other eternity things. It clean me, it give me more power and it makes me small.

Did you ever feel the same watching on something. Of course for everyone this is different thing, different fascination. Some day I have to write why I love the mountains at all. Why I love the mountains with water in between. Why Norway is the country exactly for me.

This is my new fascination, the rock formation from Eksingedalen

Rock formation