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01 Jul 2016

Drawn doors

Drawn doors, the picture from last year

Still busy. Lot of things have to be done before the journey to Lofoten. The car is ready, now. Tomorrow will be filed with all necessary thing. Sunday morning the journey will begin.

I hope You will still like my painting and drawing probes.

Drawn doors

29 Jun 2016

Software in work

Another very fast done painting. My software in work

Software in work

28 Jun 2016


Another painting probe, watercolor

Because I am still too busy to take some new pictures. Something from my big archive. Easy to used software gives a big possibilities, but … it requite a time…


14 Jun 2016


Somewhere in Bergen. Magical place. Welcome

The doors and gates it is a fascinating theme for photographers. Contemporary door have not this mood. The old one, sometimes destroyed by time, looks really magical. Like the gates or door to other reality. I love it, and I love to think what the gates saw… Who walks through them… Maybe nobody, only the history… This picture was taken on another one small fortress in Bergen. In Nordnes. I am so sorry but I can not find the name of it. Like I remember, it was closed, and private recently. Now is open, but inside the fence is all around. Nothing to see, just two buildings. When I wanted to take some picture, I have to jump up over the fence. But the gate is beautiful, and have a nice mood. Welcome


21 Apr 2016


An lomography effect on a picture taken in Fana.

Lomography effect

21 Mar 2016

On an Island

Another one mood picture created by me and fog. On an island

I think will be nice to watch this picture with David Gilmour in the background. Below is the link to YT.

On an Island

17 Mar 2016

At the end of…

Amazing mood created by the fog and me. At the end of…

At the end of...