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16 Dec 2015

Vikings long boat

Vikings long boat in Gudvangen

At the end of narrow Nærøyfjord, in small but nice town Gudvangen. The scenery around is like from dark ages. I was there few times, but of course I prefer the cloudy and dark days. In the sunny days it looks like another popular tourist place. When is cloudy and dark it looks like scenery to imagine the feelings and life of Vikings. The long boat is placed close to the haven and it is a part of small museum.

In the top of summer heat, it is a noisy place. Lot of tourists from whole world. In fall it became quiet place with restaurant open only when the ship arrive. In this time I like to sit dawn here and think about how hard was life in this place before civilization with dynamite came here.

Like You see on the picture, it was my best weather. Vikings Long Boat. Greetings from Gudvangen

Vikings long boat

25 Nov 2015

Long light

In this time of the year the light is long

The sun is far away. Days are short, and the rays of the sun are long. This is specific time when You live between the mountains.

Some north mountainsides have not a light at all. On the picture is example, like looks the beautiful Flåm harbour in this time. When You compare it with relative picture from summertime, you will see the difference. The picture was taken around 2 pm. It is mean the long light.

Long light