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02 Apr 2018

Time to write something

It is really good time to write something

Long, long time since the last post. So now we have spring time. Nice that is still little frost in the night time, so the snow does not melt so fast. Even with this, everything looks like the flood will come soon. Too much snow in the mountains. Dangerous situation. Anyway, I hope to enjoy the mountains soon and watch whole the water flowing down. This is always spectacular.

Before and during the Easter time we have had a nice sunny weather in Bergen. Some shots you may see below. Really nice to walk through my city again and see all the beauty around. Almost whole people went to the mountains for the Easter. Quiet and nice in the city. Lazy time. It was attractive to visit some places I do not see often. And now when I have this nice, light-full pictures is time to write something and show you it.

I want to say THANK YOU to all of you, who is still with me. I know, I am now so irregular. So glad to see you here. When the summer time comes finally, I promise to show You some spectacular and awesome places. I already have two good locations for the trips. Stay with me…

15 Oct 2017

Bergen by night

I am so happy to present one of the best Bergen by night photo, I saw in the last time.

It is a pleasure to introduce my Instagram friend @prudenceinst

I like almost all photos taken by Magnar, and i think you should visit his Instagram account. His beautiful and worked out in details pictures make me a little sad, because I am always on the run and I do not have a time to create.

“Don’t just take a photo – create it – in your camera” – this is the quote he wrote in account description.

So, I am so proud to be even social media friend of Magnar.

Long exposure photo Bergen by night is presented here with permission from the author, enjoy it and visit his account for more beauty pictures.

Thank you @prudenceinst

Bergen by night by @prudenceinst

Bergen by night by @prudenceinst

06 Apr 2017

The end

All things are passing… The end

This is another shot from the wet foggy morning near my home. Many of you probably remember my previous shot from this place. It was also foggy day and the lake was frozen around this small boat. Now few mounts later this boat is sunk. So, I think it gives something nice to the composition on this picture. All things are passing… This is the end of some forgotten boat. But I am full of sorrow.

The end

21 Jan 2017

Bergen below the fog

Something from today`s walk on the Fløien.

So it was amazing walk with many reason. The first and the most important because it was first real walk through the mountains from the looooong time. I need it. I need it so much, it is so difficult always sit down with computer and not move. Because the winter time here in Bergen is dark and rainy is not so much possibilities to move up. The rest of the year, like you know, I am always on the run. And I love it. The second reason is the photography. Too long without any photo walks. And because the day was nice, foggy but without any rain. Exactly good to walk. During my walk up the visibility changed few times. The fog come and go away few times. Sun trying to watch on the city. Beauty.  Many people walking up and down. Just a nice time. On the top it was a really nice spectacle with the fog, clouds and sun. Below is only some moments immortalised by me. But believe during 1,5 hour which I spent on the top everything changed many time. I am glad and little bit tired. So this is the Bergen below the fog. Enjoy, and have a good evening.

Bergen below the fog

To better see the city below the fog and clouds is recommended to watch in full screen view

10 Nov 2016

Meat bazaar

From the series Bergen closer – meat bazaar.

Long time ago it was a meat bazaar. The building is placed in the heart of the city, close to Fish Market. It is so nice building mostly photographed from the front side. This is only one fully visible side with possibility to take the photo. Because the building is long is impossible to photograph it from the street without wide angle lenses. Even with good lenses is not enough distance to make all the line straight. I was trying it many times without satisfied results. So, now I try it different way. I tried to take photo closer and along. I like it, and I am curious what you think?

This week I post irregularly. This is so busy week. Even in the weekend time I will be busy. But today I am here, this is from the series Bergen closer – Meat bazaar from the flank.

Bergen closer - Meat bazaar

08 Nov 2016

Place I like. Villaveien

Place I like in Bergen. Villaveien

In Bergen is many places I like. Sometimes it is only small narrow street. Sometimes whole district. Some parks. Places. This is short street over the Nygårdsparken. The street have a name Villaveien because along it is few nice old villas. Probably it was a reach people district long time ago, I do not know. The houses are so nice and renovated. I was showing this houses few times, here on my blog. Even this one which I like a lot. Because is painted in black and white it reminds some ecclesiastic, sacred building. Always when I am walking on this street I wonder what was this house previously. Maybe someone who knows give some information. The buildings, villas around now belongs to the Bergen University. About this one I do not know, because when the rest was reconstructed and painted this one no. In some specific Bergen`s weather, with the dark cloudy sky it looks like taken out from horror movie. I like to be here in every time I can. The autumn season gives this place many nice colours, and it is nice, even cute scenery. So, this is the Villaveien with house I like. I hope you will like it too.

Another reason why I like walking along this place is because the tourists have no time to come here. So far from the market places.

Exactly at the gate to the park this street changing the name to Parkveien. This is short street on the other side of park with few nice small hotels.


04 Nov 2016

Weather in Bergen

The Weather in Bergen is not always good.

I may say it is always bad. Only sometimes, like in October this year, we have had a beautiful month almost without any one drop of rain. Now is like always. Is wet, is dark and cold. Today on morning the mountain tops around Bergen was little bit white. It is not real snow, rather rain with some snowflakes, but the winter is on the road to us. I planed some trip for tomorrow and when I checked weather report for some parts of Hordaland it shows snow in the mountain. Brrrrr. Not good time for the hiking in mountains. Tires in my car already changed. So, I have a nice memories on my pictures. Like this one below. Bergen in the middle of October with fantastic autumn colours. Have a good Friday time whenever you are now, I hope you have a better weather with you

Weather in Bergen

03 Nov 2016

Open museum in autumn mood

Open museum in autumn mood, Damsgård

The museum is placed in bad place. Or maybe different. So close to the industrial zone in one side and the main road in other side. In the last year it was reconstructed. Few days ago, I had to be close this place, and because was so nice weather I take some walk around. Now it looks much better then year ago. Even the district around look better, I think people who lives close. like this place to walk. For other it does not exist. So far from the city, little bit covered with no place to park cars. Moreover, this is a big problem in Bergen. I think not only for Bergen. Is many nice places to visit along the city, but is no places to leave the cars.

So, this is now nice place to visit, Open museum in autumn mood. On the picture is only the part visible from the road, little bit inside is few nice reconstructed wood buildings, including the old shop and few more. In front is probably the old machine to draw out boats. Definitely worth to visit.

Open museum in autumn mood

02 Nov 2016

Autumn window

From Paradis, autumn window

Photographed around month ago on Paradis, Bergen. Nice place to walk slowly between the old houses. because old houses always collaborate with old trees, this area looks nice in autumn. It is not often, some kind of plants on the walls here in Bergen. Everything because the weather. And the weather is strong. More than half year with rain. When the rains finished the wall have to dry so fast. But in some places I could find some garages or other small buildings looking like this. This is an old garage and outbuilding. Because i like the windows and doors, I always look for it. I hope you will like this window.

And this is my picture. Autumn window

Autumn window

Now I am busy. Too much work and additional things. This is the reason why I posted pictures from my archive. Today, like you may see on Instagram, was so nice foggy weather on morning. Lucky who had his camera during that time. I have not.. This is the link to some collage made by @turid_elisabeth

Today`s morning nist. Bergen by @turid_elisabeth Visit @turid_elisabeth account for more and follow #bergen #norway #norge #mittnorge #highlightsnorway #bestofnorway #ilovenorway #nortrip #fjord #scandinavia #igscandinavia #norges_fotografer #norway_photolovers #landscapeofnorway #norwayhike #visitnorway #nature #naturphotography #landscape #landscapephotography #earthpics #bestnatureshot #instagood #followme #love #photooftheday #picoftheday #photo #instadaily #yrbilder My profile/gallery is the place to present daily dose of photo from Norway and Scandinavia. Not the perfect done works from Photoshop, but those nice pictures taken by people on its way along the day. Instagram Gallery for Scandinavia Lovers. If You want to be with us and show us your own vision, just TAG @everydaybergen on the photo. We respect all Your right and reshare your pictures with credit. Always. Welcome in Our Group Feel free to FOLLOW and visit my blog Contact information in BIO © All right reserved. Everydaybergen 2016

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Have a great time everywhere around the world. Greetings from beautiful Bergen


01 Nov 2016

Autumn in the park

This is autumn in the park. Nygårdspark Bergen

I wrote about this place few times before. I like it, and I am completely not glad with what I saw last time. At the top of the park hill, close to the Parkveien is some construction. I do not what is it. On the other side of park main road I saw some very old trees cut down. Sad view. I hope they made a place for new trees not for some buildings. This park looks like old, and I do not understand what is going on.

So, this is the picture taken on Sunday`s walk in some old path between the old beautiful trees. And I wish myself to find this place untouched on the next walk. Autumn in the park. Nygårdspark.

Autumn in the park